Transfer of Mobile Business from Singtel Mobile to Singtel Mobile Singapore

From 1 October 2010, Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd will transfer its mobile business to Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Singtel Mobile Singapore”), another wholly-owned Singtel subsidiary. Singtel Mobile Singapore will continue to service customers’ contracts with no change in terms or disruption of service. 


Why is Singtel undertaking this exercise? 

This is part of Singtel’s efforts to streamline its Singapore operations and better reflect its operating structure. Singtel Mobile Singapore, a fully-owned Singtel subsidiary, will carry out the local mobile business from 1 October 2010. 


When was Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd incorporated? 

Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Singtel Mobile Singapore”) was incorporated on 10 June 2010. 


Is Singtel Mobile Singapore wholly-owned by Singtel? 

Yes, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary. 


When do the legal changes take effect? 

With effect from 1 October 2010, the mobile operating licence and mobile operations would be transferred from Singapore Telecom Mobile to Singtel Mobile Singapore. 


How will the changes affect Singtel’s daily business? 

All the relevant licenses, contracts and agreements involving the existing Singapore Telecom Mobile will be transferred to the new company, Singtel Mobile Singapore. However, the terms and conditions of those agreements will not be changed. It will be business as usual. 


When customers receive their bill – who would they be making payment to? 

Singtel bills and collects on behalf of its major operating subsidiaries, and this practice would remain unchanged. Customers would continue to pay their bills to Singtel. 


What about contracts with vendors, partners etc? 

All contracts and agreements will be novated from Singapore Telecom Mobile to Singtel Mobile Singapore. Vendors, partners and corporate customers will be contacted about the novation.