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Learning and Development

In Singtel, we believe that a strong pipeline of talent drives sustainable business success - right people in the right roles, at the right time.

We also believe that managing one's career is a partnership. That is why at every stage of an employee's career, you will find many avenues for learning and development.


OrientationWe provide an array of programs and platforms to welcome new employees and help them settle in at Singtel. These include a number of on-boarding and induction programs ranging from induction workshops, online resources, office tours, buddy systems and even a forum with Senior Leaders.


ExperienceWe believe that on-the-job experience aids development the most. Assignments that provide opportunities to learn and apply new skills, cross-functional projects, cross-regional exposure, and overseas postings are just some ways to gain new knowledge and skills at Singtel.


RelationshipWe value learning through working with others. Interactions with customers and partners, coaching and mentoring from leaders, and feedback from peers and colleagues are all key to building strong and enriching networks within and outside of the organization.


EducationWe provide many platforms for development, ranging from classroom training programs and seminars, online and mobile courses, to support for part time/full time academic course sponsorships.


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Rewarding Our Employees

At Singtel, we continually invest in attracting, retaining, motivating and aligning the talents needed to grow and sustain Singtel Group as Asia Pacific's best multimedia solutions group. This means sustaining a strong performance culture, providing competitive, performance-based pay and offering a holistic suite of benefits.

Our Total Rewards offer comprises:

High performance culture

At Singtel, performance entails creating and sustaining ongoing alignment to business objectives, as well as a commitment to developing our people.

How we do things is as important as what we do. The Singtel Core Values are an integral part of our performance management framework.


Competitive, performance-based pay

We provide competitive compensation packages that are commensurate with role and contribution, and ensure that pay is clearly linked to performance.

Exemplary performance is recognized in many ways - from prestigious Group-wide awards for breakthrough business performance and excellence in people management to ad hoc spot awards to show appreciation on a smaller yet meaningful scale.


Holistic benefits

Our suite of employee benefits are constantly reviewed to remain competitive and keep up with the evolving needs of our diverse workforce. Programmes are put in place to manage our people's health and wellbeing, along with leave policies to take care of one's individual and family needs.

Every employee is also a special customer to us and are eligible for discounts on Singtel's products and services.


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Giving back to the community

Giving Back to the Community

Singtel is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in all the markets where we operate. We believe we can drive positive and sustainable changes to disadvantaged communities, especially the vulnerable children and youth. We achieve this through corporate and workplace giving, staff volunteering and leveraging our skills and ICT innovations.



Singtel employees are given one day of Voluntary Service Leave per calendar year to support their chosen charitable or environmental causes.

In Singapore and Australia, our employees are actively engaged in community work. Our people clock thousands of volunteering hours every year. Our highly successful VolunTeaming programs inject a CSR element into department teambuilding activities. We also have an Overseas Volunteering Program to help rebuild communities in the region, in collaboration with our joint venture associates.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Singtel is committed to promoting a healthy organization and lifestyle, providing safe work environment, and managing our environmental footprint through resource conservation and pollution prevention. This is because we believe that these efforts increase our organizational performance and improve work-life quality and productivity. Every employee has a personal responsibility to support this commitment.

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Work-Life Coaching

Work-Life Coaching

We believe it's important to stay close and listen. The employee assistance program is a professional consultancy service available for employees who require advice on work life and job-related issues. Managed by external consultants, it allows employees to share their experiences in a safe and confidential environment.

Singtel Recreation Club

A highly engaged, productive workforce stems from living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. At Singtel, we are committed to offering activities that nourish and sustain our employees' well being.

To ensure the physical, mental and emotional wellness of all Singtel employees, the Singtel Recreation Club has put in place a variety of facilities, activities and interest groups.


The Gym, Karaoke, Beauty and Wellness Spa, Games Room, eDarts, Pool Table, Mahjong Club, and Dance Studio are some of the amenities Singtel staff get to enjoy.  With the array of interest groups and facilities, our staff are spoilt for choice!

Photo credits: The Straits Times

The Recreation Club facilitates interest groups and frequently organizes activities such as sports events, inter-group games, talks, classes, tours.  Join a team of like-minded indviduals through various interest groups ranging from Photography, Dragon Boating, Running, to Singing and Dancing.


We strive to provide employees with the best facilities possible and ensure that working in Singtel is enjoyable.  From social functions to sports events, we've got every aspect of our employees' recreational life covered.

Tong Kok Yeo  


Meet the person behind all the exciting activities, Mr Tong Kok Yeo, who has been with Singtel for 44 years. After a successful career, which also saw him head the company's worker's union for 20 years, the recent retiree was rehired at the age of 62 to lead the Singtel Recreation Club. Read about how Kok Yeo and his team ensures the physical, mental and emotional wellness of all Singtel employees. 


"At Singtel, we believe that it's important to work hard and play hard. So, as head of the Singtel Recreation Club, my team and I have to ensure that we provide regular and interesting leisure, sporting and social after-work programs.

We've always tried to keep up with the times and have recently introduced activities such as go-karting and triathlons. And on the social front, beyond the Annual D&D, there are outings to the cinema, where we also encourage staff to bring along their families so that they can spend more quality time with their children.

There's also weekly exercise classes such as Pilates, aerobics and dancing for fitness as well as eat healthy programs; and for those who are more competitive, there's the option to participate in inter-group games.

I'm proud to say that our efforts have been so well received that the Health Promotion Board awarded us Gold in 2008 and 2010! A lot of our success is down to our management who have been extremely supportive in terms of funding and participating in the activities we organize."

Tong Kok Yeo



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