Our Approach

Singtel is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in all the markets where we operate. We want to enable the inclusion and well-being of people and help them realise their potential through our core competence in digital and infocomm technologies. It is our belief that we can drive positive and sustainable changes to disadvantaged communities, especially the vulnerable children and youth, through the support of corporate and workplace giving, staff volunteering and leveraging our skills and ICT innovations.


Community Development

We want to maintain strong relationships with the local communities where we operate. As a multimedia and ICT service provider, we want to be able to drive and support programmes for the benefit of our community stakeholders.

The Singtel Touching Lives Fund is the Group's philanthropy programme that raises funds for charities helping children and youths with special needs.


  • Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Singtel and our business associates and partners, employees and members of the public, the Fund has raised over $20 million for more than 20 charities affiliated to the Singapore National Council of Social Service (NCSS) since its launch in 2002. Singtel fully underwrites all fundraising costs so that every dollar donated to the Fund goes to our beneficiaries.

    For more information, please visit
    Singtel Touching Lives Fund.

    In Singapore, Singtel has been a Corporate SHARE company since 1992 and matches dollar for dollar our employees' monthly contributions to Community Chest, the fundraising arm of NCSS. Since 1991, we have been providing an annual grant to NCSS to defray the costs of telecommunication services for its charities.

    In Australia, over A$1.2 million has been donated to 13 charity partners since the launch of the Optus payroll giving programme in 2005. Optus matches employees' donations made through this programme dollar for dollar up to $250,000 per year and ensures 100% of their donations is passed on. The charities represent a wide range of sectors and assistance areas, including youth, health, depression, overseas aid and development, welfare, animal protection and land conservation.

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Community Programmes

In Singapore, we leverage our core business and focus on enabling and connecting disadvantaged groups in the community.

In Australia, Optus provides grants through its 'yes' Optus Community Grants programme, providing life and training skills for disadvantaged youth, and helping grassroots organisations in Australia with access to communications and technology.


  • Project Silverline

    Project Silverline seeks to enrich and improve the lives of lonely elderly in Singapore through the use of smartphone technology. For every iPhone donated, Singtel will sponsor the talktime and data plan for our senior beneficiaries for one year. Singtel has also created a suite of apps for these phones which help our seniors to connect with their family and friends, take better care of their health and discover the world around them.

    Project Silverline website

    Project Helping Hands

    This community project by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Lions Befrienders is expected to be launched in 2013. Wireless motion detection systems will be set up in the homes of 1,000 seniors living alone under the auspices of Lions Befrienders. The system will track their movements and send an SMS to a caregiver or volunteer if it detects an unusually long motionless period. Singtel is sponsoring data SIM cards which will be installed in the modems of the monitoring system.


    Created by Hapticus, a local start-up, Ecommuter is a mobile app that allows commuters with physical disability to book transportation offered by VWOs or individual car owner volunteers. Singtel supported the 6-month trial in 2012 with a sponsorship of our Broadband on Mobile service. This project is aligned with our objective of using ICT to enhance the quality of living by enabling better commuting alternatives for this special group.

    Kids Helpline

    Since 1999, Optus partnered Kids Helpline to create exciting and innovative ways to help kids stay connected and access help when they need it the most, one of which was the establishment of Kids Helpline's online real-time counselling service. Together with Kids Helpline, Optus developed and launched the 'Make Cyberspace a Better Place' national educational campaign which equipped 10,000 schools across Australia with ready-made lesson plans and videos aimed at educating young people about the safe use of technology.

    The Smith Family

    Since 2010, Optus partnered The Smith Family to deliver the mobile student2student programme. This programme matches each young person with an older 'buddy' mentor who they read to 3 times per week for a selected period of time through the use of an Optus mobile phone and credits. The programme is aimed at helping disadvantaged young people who do not have access to landline improve their reading skills and has already had a positive impact with 81% improving their reading age by at least 2 years. By the end of 2012, over 1,000 young people will benefit from this program.

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Cyber Wellness and Online Safety

As a responsible corporate citizen and the market leader in digital and mobile technologies and services, we believe we have a key role to play in the well-being of our stakeholders, particularly in promoting cyber wellness and online safety among the vulnerable children and youth in this digital age. 

Our industry, technologies and services have brought significant benefits to society and individuals. However, the growth of smart devices, social media and pervasiveness of the internet gives rise to problems such as digital ‘exclusion’ and risks to vulnerable segments such as youth and children in areas of cyber safety, cyber bullying and digital addiction. Through the Singtel Cyber Wellness Programme, we hope to reach out to the general public through targeted initiatives designed for parents, children and vulnerable segments of our community. 

On 10 July 2014, we launched notAnoobie, Singapore's first cyber wellness mobile application designed to help parents better understand and protect their children from online risks. Parents can read up on cyber issues like gaming and mobile technology addiction, social media dos and don’ts, identifying cyber bullying, inappropriate content online and how to protect personal privacy online on-th-go in this one-stop app. notAnoobie can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google Play stores by mobile users in Singapore on any network.

Click here for more information on the Singtel Cyber Wellness Programme.


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We encourage our people to take a more active role in their communities, as individuals or as a team. They are given one day of paid voluntary service leave per year to support their favourite charity or a community cause in Australia and Singapore.

  • In FY2014, more than 2,700 staff volunteers contributed about 12,000 hours to community and environmental projects – both company-organised events and activities at individual and team levels. This includes over 8,500 VolunTeaming hours clocked by various departments through 38 activities with 18 VWOs.

    Through the Australian Business Community Network (ABCN), Optus staff members mentor students from 'high needs' schools. Many students are also from non-English speaking or refugee backgrounds and lack the access to opportunities available to most urban students.

    In 2011, we introduced Singtel's first Overseas Volunteering Programme and have since organised four expeditions to Cebu (Philippines), Ayutthaya (Thailand), Compostela Valley (Philippines) and Ormoc City (Philippines.. The Bayani Challenge took place in Cebu and our volunteers worked alongside volunteers from Globe, our regional associate, to rebuild a village affected by floods and typhoon. In Ayutthaya, Singtel and AIS volunteers refurbished an elementary school after it was hit by severe flooding in 2011. We also donated books, bookshelves, doors, windows and stationery to the school. We supported the 2013 and 2014 Bayani Challenge and sent a teams of volunteers to help rebuild homes for the families that were displaced by Typhoon Bopha in December 2012 and Typhoon Sendong in November 2013.

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Disaster Relief

We are quick to respond to natural disasters in the communities where we operate.  


  • For example, in September 2010, Singtel donated S$80,000 to the Pakistan flood relief through Mercy Relief, an independent humanitarian charitable organisation. We also launched an appeal for staff in Australia and Singapore to help the flood victims in Australia. With the donations matched dollar for dollar by Optus and Singtel, a total of about S$450,000 was raised.

    In 2011, we raised about S$50,000 for the victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake with donations from staff in Australia and Singapore. Singtel, together with other mobile operators, set up a common SMS code for customers in Singapore to make donations through Red Cross. Optus was the first carrier in Australia to launch a partnership with Australian Red Cross enabling Optus customers to make a donation via SMS to a major disaster appeal. Optus launched this initiative at the time of the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes.

    In October 2011, we donated 2 million THB to the Office of the Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund in Thailand which went towards helping the communities that were affected by the worst flood to hit the country in 50 years.

    We also contributed 500,000 Philippine Pesos to support relief efforts for those affected by Typhoon Sendong in December 2011 and another 500,000 Philippine Pesos in December 2012 for Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines through Globe Bridging Communities, the CSR prorgramme of our associated company. When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November 2013, Singtel donated S$50,000 to help those affected by the super typhoon. We also organised a workplace donation drive in both Singapore and Australia which saw a further contribution of over S$115,000 from our staff.

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