Marketplace and Customers

Our Approach

Singtel is committed to increasing stakeholder value. We achieve this by leading the market with innovative ICT services and care for our customers that help improve their lives and the way they run their businesses. We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and embrace responsible business practices.


Corporate Governance

Singtel continues to lead the market with our policies and initiatives in corporate governance. We have also established close working relationships with governments and are known for our responsiveness to industry requirements. This is attested to by the number of awards and accolades we have received in this area.

  • The listing of Singtel's shares on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) subjects Singtel to two sets of listing rules and the requirement to report against two sets of corporate governance principles and recommendations. Where one exchange has more stringent requirements, Singtel will seek to observe the more stringent of the two.

    In developing and reviewing our corporate governance policies and practices, Singtel seeks to adopt a balanced approach by observing the spirit, and not just the letter, of the SGX and ASX corporate governance principles, taking into account our evolving needs as well as local and international developments.

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We have policies in place to ensure that our operations are run with integrity. Singtel has zero tolerance for fraud and our whistleblower policy provides customers, suppliers, business partners and employees with an open channel to encourage the reporting of any improper conduct.


  • All our people are bound by clear principles and standards set out in our staff manual and code of conduct to carry out their daily tasks.

    Click here for the Whistleblower Policy.

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Responsible Practices

Singtel aims to lead the market, not just in financial performance but also in the way we conduct our business.


  • Products and Services

    With increasing concerns over inappropriate content and access by young users, we have stepped up efforts in promoting awareness on how parents can protect their children on computers and mobile devices. In Singapore, our Family Protection plan and its mobile app allow parents to keep their children safe from exposure to inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers and other online threats. In Australia, Optus partnered the Kids Helpline and developed ready-made lesson plans on cyberbullying aimed at educating the young people. We will continue to promote awareness on cybersafety.


    Singtel suppliers are carefully selected to help us provide our customers with the best quality products and services. We seek to work with transparent, ethical, environmentally and socially responsible suppliers.

    Our procurement policy aims to award tenders fairly based on merit and the procurement manual sets out the Ethics Policy on Procurement Practices. Senior officers are randomly put on a roster for tender bids verification to ensure an impartial process.

    Click here for the Singtel Group Supplier Code of Conduct.

  • Electromagnetic Fields

    Mobile base stations allow mobile phones to be connected for voice calls and data services via the transmission of radio frequency (RF) waves or electro-magnetic field (EMF).

    We take the health and safety of our customers seriously and ensure that our base stations are operated within the RF exposure guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)/World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. In Singapore, the Radiation Protection & Nuclear Science Department (RPNSD), an office of the National Environment Agency, is responsible for all matters relating to EMF exposure. Details of the guidelines can be found here.

    Additional information from the Singapore Health and Sciences Authority can also be found here.

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Singtel takes pride in upholding a high standard of business ethics and has a strong track record of compliance with applicable laws, regulations and obligations.


  • We respect our customers' privacy and they are empowered with the choice to unsubscribe to all promotional messages. In compliance with the Spam Control Act, the promotional messages sent by us are labeled as advertisements and we maintain an active list of customers who have indicated their wish to be unsubscribed from all our mailing lists.

    Beyond regulatory compliance, our voluntary adoption of industry conduct codes and firm adherence to company policies also safeguard the interests and privacy of our customers.

    For example, we adopt the Voluntary Code for Self-regulation of Mobile Content (click here ) which Singtel jointly developed with the other mobile operators in Singapore. The Mobile Content Code was established to protect minors from being exposed to undesirable mobile content. It provides guidelines on prohibited content, images, games and chat services, as well as the handling of undesirable content from third party content providers, subscriber-to-subscriber communication and the Internet. Empowered with an enforcement mechanism within the Mobile Content Code, the mobile operators formed a mobile content Compliance Review Committee, together with MDA, to review cases of non-compliance.

    In Australia, Optus meets all of its obligations under the Privacy Act and Privacy Provisions of the Telecommunications Act, as well as the Spam Act. We also abide by the Do Not Call Register, which protects consumers from unsolicited marketing calls.

    Optus has removed barriers to access to our products and services by customers, potential customers and staff, in accordance with the Disability Action Plan that was developed in consultation with representatives of disability organisations. For example, disability equipment is available to all fixed line residential customers. In addition, Optus continues to work with The Consumer Liaison Forum, which was established in 1995 to better understand key consumer issues.


    1. Quality of Service for Fixed Network Services

    Singtel consistently exceeds the quality of service standards for fixed network services except for one (1) indicator in 3Q 2012.

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    2. Quality of Service for Mobile Services

    Singtel Mobile consistently exceeds the quality of service standards for mobile services except for one (1) indicator in 3Q 2012 and three (3) indicators in 4Q 2012.

    3. Quality of Service for Broadband Internet Access Services

    SingNet consistently exceeds the quality of service standards for broadband internet access services.

    4. Quality of Service for Internet Exchange Services

    Singtel consistently exceeds the quality of service standards for internet exchange services.

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