Annual Report

for the year ended 31 March 2013

Annual Report 2013

Operating and Financial Review

Group Enterprise

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As Asia’s infocomm technology (ICT) powerhouse with an extensive presence spanning 40 cities in 22 countries, Group Enterprise offers companies comprehensive and integrated ICT solutions, covering mobile, voice and data infrastructure, managed services, cloud computing, and IT services and professional consulting. By offering businesses one-stop ICT services, we are freeing up their time to focus on their core operations.

With deep domain expertise in various industries, our global delivery model and extensive scale and reach, Group Enterprise is the preferred partner of SMEs, MNCs and governments. By working closely with industry practitioners and thought leaders, such as through our Customer Advisory Councils, we deliver tailor-made ICT solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our in-depth industry knowledge and strong working relationships also provide the platform for us to partner organisations for the transformation of industries, communities and cities.


S$6.44 billion

Our Capabilities


Market Leader for International Dedicated Point-to-Point Services (IPLC + E-Line) in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)1

Market leader for International MPLS IP VPN Services in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)2


1 IDC Topline: The Business Platform Choice: Delivering IT-Business Integration with IP VPN, sponsored by Singtel, April 2012

2 IDC Topline: The Business Relevance of Dedicated Point-to-Point Services, Supporting the Competitive Enterprise, Sponsored by Singtel, April 2012

Managed Services

More than 4,000 Group Enterprise employees with ICT professional certification

Won awards such as the IT Outsourcing & Managed Services award at the 2012 Computerworld Hong Kong Awards and Best Security-as-a-Service & Best Managed Services and IP Infrastructure Services at the inaugural Network World Asia Information Management Awards 2012


Achieved a significant win to deploy and maintain G-Cloud, a private cloud infrastructure for the whole Singapore government, redefining the delivery of eServices within the government and to the public

Over 300,000 cloud users in Singapore

Our SME online community, myBusiness, is largest in Singapore with 500,000 visits per month


Helping more than 30 cities with eGovernment consulting and implementation

Deployed more than 100,000 sensing devices for surveillance and seamless response across Asia Pacific

Generated more than 3 million analytics reports annually

Improving the Foundation of Our Services – Our Infrastructure

Our market leadership in Asia Pacific is backed by an extensive data infrastructure with 140 points of presence (POPs) worldwide, with more than 100 POPs in 60 Asian cities, giving our customers seamless end‑to‑end connectivity across continents and within the Asian region. It is thus important for us to continually deepen our coverage in developing countries and upgrade our networks and technologies to serve our customers better.

In the year, we introduced Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) and the Multi‑Protocol Label Switching – Transport Profile (MPLS‑TP) to improve our ConnectPlus suite of global connectivity services. Delivered over Singtel’s network assets, these technologies enable customers to scale their global connections up to 10Gbps and ensure continuous uninterrupted data flow in the event of cable faults.

For our cloud services, we expanded our footprint across Asia Pacific with the introduction of our award-winning service, PowerON Compute, in Hong Kong. Our data centres in Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong provide customers with a greater choice of locations and the convenience of dealing with a single cloud provider for a range of services across different geographies.

Boosting Our Mobility Offerings

With an increasingly mobile workforce where workers use their own devices for work, businesses face the challenge of ensuring their employees stay connected and productive, while keeping corporate data secure. To help address these challenges, Singtel’s suite of managed mobility services allows companies to secure data, manage apps, contain mobile costs and control their smart devices.

During the year, we introduced OneTouch, a mobile collaboration solution that integrates with enterprise backend databases, such as customer relationship management and marketing systems. With the necessary resources available anytime, anywhere, this solution allows sales staff to meet their customers on-site and engage in the entire sales process, leading to improved collaboration, agility and higher productivity.

With cross-border business travel becoming more common, Singtel also launched the Telecom Spend Manager (TSM), a one-stop service to help companies monitor, manage and control their mobile voice and data expenditure across multiple operators and countries. By providing companies with an overview of their regional mobile expenses, TSM helps companies plan and manage their communications budget more efficiently.

In Australia, we improved our mobility line-up with Optus Mobile Device Security (MDS), which provides organisations with round-the-clock protection and allows IT managers to deploy security policies onto mobile devices via a centrally managed portal. We also introduced mobile consultancy services, to help customers optimise their mobile presence.

In the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space, we joined an alliance of the global operators to create a seamless platform which will allow MNCs to incorporate M2M technology cost efficiently in the retail, healthcare, consumer electronics, transportation, automobile and energy industries.

Transforming Businesses in a Complex World

The explosive growth in ICT has changed the business world. To navigate today’s volatile, and complex business environment, our customers are facing increasing pressure to enhance productivity, lower cost and drive greater agility in response to market movements.

We provide a seamless, consistent delivery experience to businesses, with our worldclass delivery centres and award-winning delivery framework and methodologies. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, sales and delivery presence in key business hubs around the world provide in-country support for businesses.

Our comprehensive suite of managed services, managed mobility services, cloud and IT services help enterprises be leaner and more efficient. By relying on Singtel, enterprises can better focus on their core competencies, while staying at the forefront of technology.

One initiative is the Solutions for an Urbanised Future (SURF), introduced in June 2012. SURF was created as part of our vision to transform and connect individuals, enterprises and government services to build a sustainable city. SURF seamlessly integrates seven emerging technologies to help build integrated solutions for enterprises and smart cities, namely big data and analytics, security, identification and access, M2M, sensing technology, mobility, enterprise social networks, and cloud computing. These solutions, together with our deep domain experiences, will help our customers effectively increase engagement and better respond to their own constituents and customers, as we advance in today’s highly connected world.

One of the initiatives is Singapore’s Ministry of Education’s Schools Standard ICT Operating Environment (SSOE) project, designed to enable a secured and efficient learning environment for students. We rolled out more than 120,000 computing devices to some 40,000 principals, teachers and education administrative staff, promoting greater and more effective use of ICT in teaching and learning. With SSOE, schools can look forward to faster internet access, enhanced security and full on-site support to meet the computing needs of teachers and students. We also piloted and developed iMTL, a web-based interactive portal to help students improve their mother tongue language skills. The pilot programme with 90 schools was completed successfully in March 2013, and we are rolling out the portal to all schools from upper primary to junior college level from 1 April 2013.

Our combined capabilities of infrastructure and managed services were also used to develop the MyTransport.SG mobile app and portal. It is a content-rich service that empowers commuters, motorists and cyclists in Singapore to make informed choices about their journey plans. The app was awarded the Visionary Award at the international Summit Emerging Media Awards 2012, the first in Asia Pacific, for its navigation features and the public value it provides, as well as the W3 Awards, for creative web and mobile excellence.

Leveraging the capabilities of our infrastructure and managed services, we provide the systems and connectivity necessary to synchronise and manage real-time content for digital displays in a multitude of industries. In the transportation industry, over 50 million commuters per year benefit from real-time digital displays managed by us. For an international financial institution, we implemented this end-to-end solution for their digital displays across their operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

Championing Thought Leadership

Beyond providing one-stop ICT solutions, Group Enterprise leads forums and platforms to share insights on new technologies and trends. In Australia, Vision 2012 in May presented research findings on how changes in economic and social trends will affect the future of businesses. At the forum, we also launched The Future of Business Report, which revealed the industries in Australia that are best prepared to embrace digital technology and strategies to respond to consumer expectations, boost productivity and drive revenue.

In Singapore, we showcased over 200 innovative ICT solutions for enterprises and governments at i.luminate 2012 in November. More than 3,000 business leaders and partners from 25 countries attended the event to learn about new technological trends such as mobility solutions and big data, as well as, emerging technologies for the workplace. In May, we also organised TechConnect to deliver insights on technologies related to the Internet of Things to our customers. The event had thought leaders and speakers share their thoughts on how technologies such as M2M communications, big data and complex event processing can enhance business responsiveness and deepen customer engagement.


Singtel launched regional Electronic Bandwidth On‑Demand to enable customers to scale up their bandwidth requirement conveniently at affordable rates

- April 2012

Optus launched Mobile Device Security and mobility consultancy services

- May 2012

Singtel launched Solutions for an Urbanised Future, which provides integrated solutions for governments and enterprises

- June 2012

Singtel and six mobile operators formed an alliance to collaborate on M2M initiatives

- July 2012

Singtel enhanced leased circuit and global connectivity services with launch of Automatically Switched Optical Network and Multi‑Protocol Label Switching ‑ Transport Profile respectively

- August 2012

Singtel showcased 200 innovations and ICT capabilities at i.luminate 2012 to more than 3,000 delegates

- November 2012

Optus introduced The Thinking Space to showcase latest research and innovations

- December 2012

Singtel and members of M2M alliance announced single worldwide SIM card trials on a web-based platform

- February 2013

Optus expanded M2M solutions portfolio for business and enterprise customers through collaboration with Jasper Wireless

- February 2013

Optus introduced Expan NEXTDC Hosting Services

- February 2013

Singtel won the contract for a pilot programme to form a consortium helping companies offer home-based work using ICT solutions

- March 2013