Annual Report

for the year ended 31 March 2013

Annual Report 2013

Operating and Financial Review

Singapore Business

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Financial Year Ended 31 March
(S$ million)
(S$ million)
Change (%)
Operating revenue
Mobile Communications (1) 1,946 1,890 2.9
Data and Internet 1,648 1,607 2.5
International Telephone 482 501 -4.0
Sale of Equipment 353 352 **
National Telephone 334 352 -5.1
mio TV 125 106 18.4
Others (2) 229 211 8.8
Telco 5,117 5,020 1.9
Revenue from NCS 1,407 1,315 7.0
Fibre rollout 117 178 -34.2
Information Technology and Engineering (IT&E) 1,524 1,493 2.1
Digital business (3) 92 38 142.3
Total Revenue 6,732 6,551 2.8
(excluding Fibre rollout) 6,615 6,372 3.8
EBITDA 2,147 2,128 0.9
(ex-digital business) 2,231 2,152 3.6
EBITDA margin 31.9% 32.5%
(ex-digital business) 33.6% 33.0%
EBIT 1,481 1,551 -4.5
(ex-digital business) 1,602 1,587 0.9

“**” denotes less than 0.05%.

Numbers in above table may not exactly add due to rounding.


  1. With effect from this financial year, revenues from mobile digital services are classified under “Digital business”. The comparative figure has been reclassified to be consistent with the current financial year.
  2. Comprise revenues from mobile satellite, lease of satellite transponders and other miscellaneous income.
  3. Digital business refers to all businesses under Singapore Digital L!fe and comprises mainly e-commerce, concierge and hyper-local services, and mobile advertising of Amobee Inc.

Singtel’s core operations delivered strong performance with 3.6% increase in EBITDA.

Operating revenue in Singapore was up 2.8% to S$6.73 billion. Excluding fibre rollout revenue where mass rollout was completed in June 2012, operating revenue increased 3.8% underpinned by continued strength in mobile and ICT operations and growth from digital business. EBITDA was stable at S$2.15 billion, reflecting the investments in digital businesses, higher mobile customer connection costs as well as lease payments to NetLink Trust which commenced from September 2011. With higher depreciation from mobile network expansion and NCS’ equipment investments, as well as amortisation of intangibles from the acquisitions of digital businesses, EBIT declined 4.5%.

Mobile Communications, the largest revenue stream, grew 2.9% to S$1.95 billion on strong customer growth which offset the lower postpaid ARPU. Total mobile customer base grew 6.3% or 226,000 to 3.81 million. Singtel registered strong market share gains, extending its lead by 1.3 percentage points with a mobile market share of 47.2% as at 31 March 2013.

Total postpaid customer base increased 7.6% or 148,000 from a year ago to 2.10 million as at 31 March 2013. Approximately 23% of the total postpaid base was on tiered data plans with 10% of these customers exceeding their data allowances. Singtel’s 4G postpaid customer base reached 378,000 as at 31 March 2013. Postpaid ARPU fell S$5 to S$80 and, excluding “data only” SIMs, declined S$4 reflecting lower roaming and SMS interconnect revenues.

Mobile data services remained at 42% of blended ARPU. However, the proportion of non-SMS data grew to 22% of ARPU, up from 20%. Total number of customers on monthly mobile broadband data subscription plans grew strongly by 24% or 299,000 from a year ago to 1.55 million.

In the prepaid segment, ARPU increased 3.4% contributed by the strong demand for mobile data and 3G offerings. Singtel’s prepaid customer base grew 4.8% or 78,000 from a year ago to 1.71 million.

Data and Internet revenue increased 2.5% to S$1.65 billion. Growth in Managed Services mitigated the impact of price declines in Local Leased Circuits. Driven by strong demand for fibre services and higher-tier plans, Fixed Broadband revenue grew a healthy 8.7% in a highly competitive market. Singtel’s fibre broadband customer base grew to 192,000, up significantly from 76,000 a year ago, with a leading market share of approximately 59% as at 31 March 2013.

International Telephone revenue declined 4.0% to S$482 million on lower average collection rates partially offset by increased international call traffic.

During the year, Singtel strengthened its content suite with the addition of FOX International Channels and Disney channels, and lifted mio TV revenue by a strong 18% to S$125 million. Total mio TV customer base reached 404,000 as at end of March 2013, an increase of 9.8% or 36,000 from a year ago.

Revenue from Consumer Home, comprising residential fixed broadband, voice and mio TV, increased 5.1% underpinned by Singtel’s successful bundling strategy. A total of 347,000 customers were on triple/quadruple bundled plans as at 31 March 2013, up 14% from 305,000 a year ago.

IT&E revenue grew 2.1% to S$1.52 billion with NCS' growth of 7.0% partially offsetting the lower fibre rollout revenue.

With Singtel’s strategic acquisitions in the digital space, including Amobee Inc., a premium provider of mobile advertising solutions,, a restaurant review portal, and Pixable Inc., a social photo aggregation service provider, revenue from Digital business grew significantly to S$92 million from S$38 million last year.


29% Mobile Communications
25% Data and Internet
23% IT and Engineering
7% International Telephone
5% National Telephone
5% Sale of Equipment
2% mio TV
4% Others


85% Telco
15% IT and Engineering