Chairman's Message

"Transformation is at the heart of repositioning Singtel to remain relevant to our customers as well as building new sources of revenue for the mid to long term.”

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GCEO Review

"Singtel today is markedly different from the traditional telco we were five years ago. We’ve strengthened our competitiveness, and we’re also more diversified and resilient. While our transformation continues, I’m confident that a strong foundation is now in place to evolve our business and capture the opportunities ahead."

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Financial Highlights

Operating Revenue (1)
2017 S$16,711M
2016 S$16,961M
(1) Impacted by regulated reduction in Australian mobile termination rates from 1 January 2016. Excluding this, operating revenue would be up 2.0%.
2017 S$4,998M
2016 S$5,013M
Net Profit
2017 S$3,853M
2016 S$3,871M
Underlying Net Profit
2017 S$3,915M
2016 S$3,805M