Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN

Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN

Empower your business to penetrate thousands of cities, including remote cities across Asia, with Singtel ConnectPlus Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) - A fully managed, highly secured private network service.

Based on the widely accepted multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology, Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN empowers you to scale and manage your network according to your requirements, prioritise application traffic flow and protect your data. You can also enjoy end-to-end network support, consistent service level agreements (SLAs) from Singtel and leverage IP-based technology to deploy information and communications technology (ICT) services. All on a single platform.

Get connected with Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN.

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  • Improved business agility with scalable network solutions
  • Cost-effective connectivity across multiple office locations
  • Enhanced productivity and decision making with IP traffic monitoring and management across global offices
  • Wider reach with a strong network presence comprising more than 200 POPs across 83 cities. Check out our global network coverage.

Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN is ideal for businesses in Asia Pacific and around the world that require:

  • Seamless any-to-any connectivity worldwide over a reliable and secure network
  • Simple and easy-to-manage tracking and reporting capabilities for their network
  • Flexibility and scalability to manage unexpected spikes in network traffic
  • A single provider to manage all their ICT and connectivity requirements
Network Resiliency

Singtel helps your company enjoy fail-safe connectivity by providing a fully diverse infrastructure design that includes dual points of presence (PoPs), submarine cable systems, cable stations and power supplies.

Improved Network Management

Simplify network management within your company with:

  • Singtel Global Delivery Platform (GDP), which provides visibility over your network performance, including jitter and latency
  • Singtel Router Management Service (RMS), which proactively monitors your routers to support end-to-end network management
Enhanced Business Scalability

Singtel provides greater manageability and scalability for the delivery of IP traffic or data packets across multiple sites, giving your growing business more flexibility.

Hybrid Networks

Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN can be integrated with various modes of access (including dedicated connections, Ethernet, DSL and internet VPN) into a single, centrally managed and cost-effective hybrid VPN. We also offer satellite connectivity to reach remote sites with no terrestrial infrastructure.

Value-Added Services

Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN offers value-added services that cater to your specific business requirements, such as optimising broadcast traffic, adding bandwidth on demand or making intra-company voice calls across multiple offices.

Singtel Managed ICT Services

Singtel offers a variety of managed ICT services that allow you to enhance your network infrastructure; meet growing demand quickly with rapid bandwidth scalability and cloud services; and enable converged communications with voice, data and video conferencing.


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How It Works


Technical Specifications

  Topology Any-to-Any
  Network Layer  Layer 3
  Technology  Multi-protocol layer switching (MPLS)
  Bandwidth Availability

The following are the bandwidths offered, with higher bandwidths available upon request:

  • N x 64Kbps, up to 2048Kbps
  • 3Mbps to 45Mbps in 1Mbps increments
  Service Level Agreements 

Up to 99.95% end-to-end circuit availability

  Complementary Services Available
  • 6 Classes of Service
  • Bandwidth on Demand
  • electronic Bandwidth On-Demand (eBOD)
  • Router Management Service
  • Traffic Optimisation Profiling (Application Acceleration)
  • Multicast VPN
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Multiple VPN Port
  • Metro IP VPN
  • Extranet
  • Backup Ports
  • Remote VPN Port 


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Case Studies

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BMW Group selected Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN to deliver enhanced communications infrastructure to meet its global business needs.

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Wincor Nixdorf chose Singtel ConnectPlus IP VPN to deliver seamless, stable and reliable communications across 16 locations in Asia.

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