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Dynamic IP

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    Business Broadband SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband
  Internet Protocol 1 Dynamic IP (IPv4) 1 Dynamic IP (IPv4)
  DownLink/UpLink Profile More bandwidth for DownLink than UpLink Symmetrical Bandwidth
  Technology ADSL GPON, Shared Fibre Network
  Min. Bandwidth Plans
1.5Mbps/256kbps 6Mbps/6Mbps
  Max. Bandwidth Plans
10Mbps/768kbps 100Mbps/100Mbps
  Bundled Router For New Provisioning ADSL Wireless G Router ADSL / Fibre Wireless N Router
  New Service Provisioning Lead Time min. 4 working days min. 12 working days (subject to fibre resource availability)
  Other Network Features (Optional) Nil Free web content filtering service
Top-up option for additional Wireless Access Point to increase coverage
  Example of Usage Internet surfing and email communications Internet surfing, emails and Voice-Over-IP communications, high-speed & large-size file transfer
  Recommended For Company Size of < 10 staffs < 20 staff


By prioritising download speeds, these asynchronous broadband plans lets you send large files, hold video conferences, and access online applications as fast as your business requirements.

SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband


Powered by next-generation ultra-high speed fibre technology, SingNet eVolve is our most popular internet access offering yet. With bundled innovative cloud solutions for maximised productivity, run your everyday business applications at blazing internet speeds, and watch your business grow at a faster rate.

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Static IP - Standard

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    SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband SingNet eLite Access SingNet DSL Static IP Access
  Internet Protocol 1 Dynamic IP, IPv4 8 Static IP, IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack 8 Static IP, IPv4
  Technology GPON, Shared Fibre Network GPON, Shared Fibre Network xDSL
  DownLink/UpLink Profile Symmetrical Bandwidth Symmetrical Bandwidth More bandwidth for DownLink than UpLink
  Min. Bandwidth Plans (DownLink/UpLink) 6Mbps/6Mbps 5Mbps/5Mbps 512kbps/256kbps
  Max. Bandwidth Plans (DownLink/UpLink) 100Mbps/100Mbps 100Mbps/100Mbps 10Mbps/768kbps
  Helpdesk 12 hours (8am to 8pm), daily 24x7, daily 24x7, daily
  Service Level Assurance (SLA) Best Efforts 99.95% Internet Availability Guaranteed Best Efforts
  New Service Provisioning Lead Time min. 12 working days min. 14 working days min. 7 working days
  Other Network Features (Optional) Nil Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Cloud-Based Content Filtering, Anti-Virus Anti-Spam Gateway, Firewall Nil
  Example of Usage Internet Surfing, Emails and Voice-Over-IP communications, high-speed file transfer Web & Email Server Hosting, Firewalls, IP PBX, VPN Setup, high-speed file transfer Server Hosting, IP PBX, VPN Setup, Backup for Premium Internet Connection
  Recommended For Company Size of < 20 staffs 10 - 200 staffs 10 - 50 staffs


Singtel Static IP connections are business-grade solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring high speed, scalable networks that support server and hosting applications.

SingNet eLite Internet Access


Built on next generation fibre optic networks using the fastest, proven GPON technology, SingNet eLite Internet Access features symmetric bandwidth via a Gigabit-capable Ethernet interface so you can run your IP-based networking equipment at fast speeds.

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SingNet Ethernet Access


SingNet Ethernet Access is a scalable high-speed Internet connection via RJ45 interface. Offering symmetrical bandwidth from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps, it is ideal for large file transfers as well as real-time video communications. Its extensive Ethernet interface can seamlessly connect with most networking equipment used in business operations.

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SingNet DSL Static IP Access

SingNet DSL Static IP Access is our popular and affordable Internet service for business use. Built on the latest DSL technology, your broadband connection can be delivered from any telephone port, and is ideal for hosting web and email servers, connecting to your VPN, setting up firewalls and other business applications.

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Static IP - Premium

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    eLite Ethernet MetroEthernet
  Internet Protocol 8 Static IP, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack 16 Static IP, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack 16 Static IP, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
  Network Layer Layer 3 Layer 3 Layer 2
  Service Level Assurance (SLA) - Local Best Effort 99.95% end-to-end SLA 100% end-to-end SLA
  Service Level Assurance (SLA) - International 100% Internet SLA 99.95% end-to-end SLA 100% end-to-end SLA, Network Latency SLA for SIN-US landing Points
  Technology GPON Active Ethernet over MPLS MetroEthernet (Point-to-Point)
  Bandwidth Plans from 5Mbps to 100Mbps from 1Mbps to 100Mbps from 2Mbps to 700Mbps
  Bandwidth Utilization Report Online Not Available Yes Yes
  Network Diversity Options Not Available Active-Passive Auto Backup Options Exchange Diversity Active-Passive Active Backup Options, Active-Active Load Balancing Options Exchange Diversity, MUX Diversity, POP Diversity
  Other Network Features BGP eBOD (Electronic Bandwidth On Demand), BGP eBOD (Electronic Bandwidth On Demand), BGP


Our Static IP premium access solutions gives you dedicated internet services, coupled with IPv6 capability and 24-hour network monitoring, your business can be ensured to stay online all the time.

SingNet MetroEthernet Access


SingNet MetroEthernet Access provides you with a secure and dedicated line with high network availability and very low Singapore to US network latency. With our service level guarantee (SLG) and 24x7 proactive monitoring and notification service, you are assured of non-stop operation – giving you the peace of mind and focus needed to build your business.

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SingNet Leased Line Access

SingNet Leased Line Access is our 24-hour dedicated Internet service that provides your Local Area Network (LAN) with fast, reliable and efficient connection suitable for running mission-critical applications such as e-commerce and videoconferencing.

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SingNet OnNet Bandwidth Service

SingNet OnNet Bandwidth offers premium quality, highly scalable Internet bandwidth at Singtel EXPAN and External Data Centers without the need to utilise a dedicated data line.

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