SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband

SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband

Help your business blaze ahead with SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband. Deployed via a fibre network dedicated to business internet traffic, SingNet eVolve gives your business a boost with affordable bandwidth and ultra-high-speed connectivity.

SingNet eVolve is easy to set up thanks to a plug-and-play Ethernet interface built on SingTel’s trusted gigabit passive optical network (GPON) fibre network.

  • High-speed internet access for smoother downloads, uploads, video calls and surfing
  • Screens and controls access to all incoming website pages to protect your business from counter-productive and potential liable websites.
  • A free wireless-N router for flexible wireless internet access in your office
  • A dedicated fibre network for business use, which means no sharing of bandwidth with home or mobile broadband users
  • Uncapped international bandwidth
  • Worry-free service provider-managed provisioning process

Recommended for Businesses that

  • Need a high-speed internet connection to access applications and storage in the cloud
  • Need broadband for basic business uses such as email, web surfing and other online activities
  • Do not require a static IP for network uses such as hosting servers, VPN connections, IP PBX or CCTV
Multiple Internet Speed Options

Choose from largest variety of fibre broadband plans, bandwidth range from 6Mbps to 100Mbps.

Technical Support Availability

Enjoy peace of mind with access to online as well as technical support hotline, with just one number to remember for both Internet services and Software-As-A-Service applications.

BroadBand Content Filtering

Manage access to website which could deliver spyware, malware, phishing and other cyberthreats while also reducing access to unproductive online activities

Uncapped Internet Bandwidth to International Sites

No cap usage of International bandwidth during peak or non-peak hours.


Free Wireless-N Router

Receive a free wireless-N business router with every new sign-up of SingNet eVolve Fibre broadband plan. Enjoy life-time hardware warranty as long as you stay in contract.




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Price Plans

                                 SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband (comes with Broadband Content Filtering)
  Monthly Subscription $99.00  Order Now $158.00  Order Now $198.00  Order Now
  Speed 10 Mbps 30 Mbps 100 Mbps
  Comes with choice* of business solution(s)
  • ONEOffice (3-user)
  • Web Builder
  • Quickbooks Online Essentials
  • ONEOffice (3-user)
  • Web Builder
  • Quickbooks Online Essentials
  • ONEOffice (5-user)
  • Web Builder
  • Quickbooks Online Essentials


Note: These plans are valid with min. 2-year contract term.
*Choice of 1 solution for free with 10Mbps and choice of 2 solutions free with 30Mbps and 100Mbps plans.

How It Works

Fuelled by GPON Technology

SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband operates on gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology. GPON leverages advanced fibre optical technology and passive splitters to extend gigabit Ethernet capabilities across a fibre network.

Active components exist only at the two ends of the fibre, namely the optical line termination (OLT) within the SingTel exchange and the optical network termination (ONT) located on a business’ premises. The splitter distributes fibre access to multiple users within the same building.


“In the business world, time saved is money saved. So, managing timelines closely to ensure all plans stay on track is essential. After waiting in vain for more than a month, we decided to sign up with SingTel instead. It turned out to be the right choice, as the broadband was up and running in two weeks.”

Dianna Ng, Project Manager at Bridge Integrity Services, who signed up with SingTel after an extended delay with another service provider. Read the full story here.