New Year. New Opportunities.
At the dawn of this new year, I would like to wish all our customers a very happy, fulfilling and successful new year ahead. At Singtel, we work with one common goal – to deliver best-in-class solutions and services for our customers. Thank you for your continued support and confidence in us. Here’s a look back at what we have delivered in 2015 and what’s in store in 2016 for you.

2015 Review
In 2015, we are thankful for the industry’s vote of confidence with the Satellite Operator of the Year Award 2015 received at the Asia Communication Awards. The independent judging panel commended Singtel for our continual investment in satellite technology, affirming our long-held commitment to go beyond just building our in-house capabilities. We have always sought to build a strong ecosystem of channel and strategic partnerships to deliver best-in-class solutions and services.

2015 also saw us launching the Satellite All-In-One (AIO) SmartBox and Mobile Application in August. As the industry sails towards Smart Shipping, our latest AIO solutions address key maritime challenges, such as the lack of IT expertise on board vessels. These latest innovations promise to be game-changers in empowering shore IT managers to effectively monitor, configure and take control of IT networks on board; better manage maritime cyber security, increase operational efficiencies and enhance crew welfare – all at the same time.

With the increasingly malicious cyber threat landscape, our 7th Maritime ICT Roundtable held in October created an opportune forum for the exchange of current maritime industry attitudes towards cyber security. From the lively sharing by the esteemed panel of industry leaders, industry sentiments towards maritime cyber security are disparate, varying according to the size of organisation, type of maritime trade and extent of ICT adoption on board.

However, there is a need to audit the robustness of current maritime IT networks, as exemplified by the initiatives of maritime associations and International Maritime Organisation (IMO), which are drawing up guidelines for maritime cyber security. Factors that would quickly accelerate cyber security as a top-of-the-mind issue include: the expectation of younger crew to bring their own devices (BYOD) and their demand for Internet access; launch of new high throughput satellite services which increases bandwidth availability; and the call for more remote monitoring capabilities to bridge the knowledge gap between maritime and IT.

Key Focus in 2016
As 2016 opens with prospects of slower economic growth, cyber security remains our top priority. Singtel Satellite is committed to lead and shape the managed security services market as a leading Satellite provider. Our aim in 2016 is to place a security appliance on board each of our customer’s vessels.

Our acquisition of Trustwave, a leading specialist in managed security services, has strengthened Singtel’s forerunning cyber security capabilities. In addition to 8 internationally-acclaimed, ISO27001-certified and audit-ready Security Operations Centres (SOCs) in Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, United States and Europe, we now boast of SpiderLabs, an elite global threat intelligence research team; and TrustKeeper, an award-winning cloud-based portal that unifies our end-to-end compliance and security services.

2016 will also see the highly-anticipated launch of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress bandwidth, with its promise of − reliable, seamless, globally available and assured access to high-speed broadband connectivity on land, at sea, and in the air. Heralding a major milestone in broadband connectivity, it will open up many opportunities for applications − such as remote monitoring and troubleshooting − that thrive on the increased bandwidth.

We will also be launching our Satellite M2M solution to help maritime companies do 3 things better: effectively deploy M2M devices in remote and hostile locations; track and capture data on carbon emissions, monitor engine components and more; and relay these data back to shore offices. The M2M solution offers cost-efficiency and redundancy as a reliable alternative/extension to traditional VSAT communication.

Looking beyond smart shipping, Singtel Satellite is also enhancing our maritime capabilities in the area of drone shipping, which can become a reality in the next decade1.

Broadcasting: Fight Against Threats
Cyber threats are equally real in the broadcast arena – with cyberattacks crippling email and production facilities, hijacking social media accounts and disrupting channel transmissions. Our broadcast customers rely on our secure and scalable storage facilities to ensure safe access and distribution of our customers’ content across the regions. To this end, we upgraded our core teleport infrastructure in 2016 to further strengthen our cyber security capabilities.

At Singtel, we believe that serving our customers better always goes beyond ‘hardware’. It is the heart ware – how our people interact and support our customers in daily interactions – that will make the real difference. That is why, another behind-the-scene enhancement we worked on in 2015, is the latest Service Management On Demand (SMOD) which streamlines service escalation with these features:

• Daily monitoring of live ‘dashboard’ at Satellite
  One Network Integrated Centre (SONIC)
• Automated ticketing of critical infrastructure being
• Clear responsibility allocation and escalation of unresolved
• Rich knowledge base for effective and efficient

With these enhanced broadcasting capabilities, Singtel Satellite stands ready in 2016 to serve global and regional broadcasters with stringent quality delivery requirements. We have also inked strategic partnerships to better serve the unique, more cost-effective playout needs of boutique channels.

Making a Real Difference in SG50 and Beyond
At Singtel, we believe in making a difference in everything that we do. In 2015, we continue to strive at delighting you with surprises such as the Chinese New Year Ang-Pow Bags, Mooncake Festival visitations, James Bond Movie Treat, Christmas Chocolates and more.

As a way of giving back to the community, we sponsored two Singtel IsatPhone Pro satellite phones for the Aluminaid Team Singapura Everest 2015 (TSE). When their expedition was disrupted by an avalanche triggered by the 7.8-magnitude Nepal earthquake on 25 April, our satellite phones became the team’s sole lifeline for their safe evacuation out of the disaster zone. Upon the team’s return to Singapore, the satellite phones continued to make a difference to stranded Singaporeans looking for a way out of the disaster zone and other humanitarian missions in Nepal.

Best wishes for an exciting new year with new adventures. Here’s to a fabulous 2016 ahead!

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1. The Telegraph, “Drone ships move closer to reality as Inmarsat gets on board”,
    5 September 2015.
2. The use of seasonal/short-term fixed price plans are subject to approval. FB link
    works best on a FB500 terminal. Incremental fees apply when used on a FB250
3. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); About Myanmar
4. Draft Telecommunications Masterplan,, 8 July 2015
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