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Fibre Optic Connectivity - Powering Communications @ the Speed of Light

That’s the reason why you need Fibre Optics! Fibre optics allow data to be transmitted at super high speed with virtually no loss in quality over a long distance. Eliminating problems such as high transmission loss and interference, typical of copper networks. Fibre provides
massive performance and reliability improvements- creating a whole new world of possibilities where high-definition and real-time
information transfers become a reality!

Why Fibre Optic Connection is better?

  • Higher data rate and wider bandwidth up to Gigabit-per-second (Gbps).
  • Lower signal attenuation and line loss eliminates intermittent connection issues associated with legacy network.
  • Greater resistance to electrical noise, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) result
    in better quality over a longer distance.
  • More secure communications, since it is impossible to tap into an optical fibre cable.
  • Being lighter weight and more compact in size makes it easier to install and maintain.
  • Optical fibre cables are non-flammable, and immune to lightning.

Along with our newly launched entry fibre-based service- eLite, dedicated fibre access- EthernetLink, premium quality
MetroEthernet and ultra high speed Gigawave, Singtel delivers a comprehensive suite of fibre-based solutions to
help your business reach its full potential. 

 Local Data Solutions  Internet Access  Solutions for RSPs

Connecting your business seamlessly

Internet solutions for all your business needs

Empowering your customers with Fibre- enabled Next-generation IP services

Local Data Solutions | Solutions for RSPs


Gigawave is a high-speed optical networking technology to provide gigabit backbone connection to fulfill growing technological demands with high speed connectivity using the state-of-the-art Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM).

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MetroEthernet is a secure Layer 2 network giving you full control of your network IP configuration, commonly deployed for a Metropolitan Access Network (MAN). Singtel is the first in ASEAN to be MetroEthernet Forum (MEF) certified Carrier Grade Ethernet service provider.

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Singtel Meg@POP IP VPN is a suite of fully managed IP networking solution that provides convergence of voice, data and video applications over a single network.

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Meg@POP EVPN is a Layer 2 VPN that provides any-to-any connectivity with reliable Quality of Service (QoS) to deliver real-time data transfer across your enterprise network in Singapore.
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Meg@POP eLite

MegaPOP eLite is a revolutionary next-generation network service based on GPON technology that enables high-speed fibre connectivity at the lowest cost
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Internet Access Solutions

SingNet eVolve Broadband

Revolutionary new generation dynamic fibre broadband that is easy on the pocket.

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SingNet eLite Access

SingNet eLite Access is a next generation Internet connectivity service that supports up to 100Mbps, symmetrical bandwidth through fibre. It is built on next generation fiber optics network using the fastest, proven GPON technology.

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SingNet Ethernet Access

SingNet Ethernet Access is a scalable high-speed Internet connection via RJ45 interface. Symmetrical bandwidth from 256Kbps to 100Mbps with Business SLG provided.
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SingNet MetroEthernet Access

SingNet MetroEthernet Access is high-speed, scalable and dedicated Internet connection for running mission-critical applications. Premium class SLG is provided.
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Why Do Businesses Need High Speed Broadband?

With SingNet eVolve Broadband, your business is now ready to harness the full potential of cloud computing and bandwidth intensive Infocomm applications. The world is now your at your door step, with all kinds of exciting possibilities from real-time collaboration and high definition video to an extensive range of on-demand cloud computing services.

All businesses can now enjoy powerful business solutions used typically by large organizations, at just a fraction of the cost while improving productivity and simplifying business operations. Consider leveraging Cloud Computing services to reduce heavy upfront equipment investment and maintenance cost by paying only for what you use, and best of all, free up internal resources to focus on higher-priority work.

 ONEOffice  i-PhoneNet  Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)
Singtel ONEOffice Solution
OneOffice Solution is an online all-in-one business productivity suite of services designed to help you run your business with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. It integrates email, online collaboration, shared storage, calendar and many more exicting features.

i-PhoneNet is a hosted IP telephony solution for businesses. It is an end-to-end solution that allows you to enjoy IP-PBX-type features without the need to purchase and maintain a premise-based phone system.

Shop at Singtel Marketplace for various business applications that can help you improve productivity and grow your business.
 Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS)    

IaaS is a style of cloud computing in which dynamically scalable and
virtualized resources are provided as a service over the internet on a
pay-for-use basis. All the costs associated with setting up a data
centre such as procuring a building, hardware, redundant power supply,
cooling systems, upgrading electrical supply and maintaining Disaster
Recovery site can be passed on to Singtel.