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M2M - Connect. Control. Converge.

All around the world, interactions through connected devices are changing the way we live, work and play. The potential of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications is fast becoming the forefront of operational technology as businesses and organisations start using it to recalibrate their operations and market response, giving them greater control of the ins and outs of their businesses.

As M2M become available to more and more organisations in the industrialised world, it brings about a greater convergence in how things are run in the future of smart technology.

Our M2M solutions are designed to help organisations yield invaluable customer intelligence, safeguard assets remotely, and enhance greater machine efficiency.

Learn more about these Singtel M2M solutions to take your business to greater heights.

  Singtel M2M Connect
      M2M SIM
      M2M Routers

  Singtel M2M Track & Trace
      M2M Fleet Manager
      M2M Workforce Manager

  Singtel M2M Video Solutions
      M2M Video Analytics
      M2M Video Detect

  Singtel M2M Mobile Video Surveillance
Singtel M2M Solutions
As interaction through connected devices changes the way we live, work, and play, Singtel M2M Solutions maximise the potential of M2M technology, and transforms the way we do business.
The Uses of M2M
M2M technology is being used to enable smart devices in many different fields and industries, including consumer electronics, healthcare, logistics, security and others.
Why Singtel M2M?
As an M2M provider of choice, Singtel M2M offers several key benefits -- faster to-market speed, best visibility and control, and a global gateway to Asia.
Singtel machine to machine application