Why Singtel M2M?

As the machine to machine (M2M) provider of choice, Singtel M2M offers several key benefits.

Faster to-market speed
Singtel M2M brings you end-to-end information control from your connected devices at a faster speed, so you can reach new markets quickly and easily. Customer can expect to onboard the M2M service in just 30 days. This means improved operations on the ground are possible in double-quick time!
Best visibility and control
Superior performance requires visibility and control over costs and operations that allow you to manage costs and improve operations throughout your entire business. Singtel M2M provides the best M2M platforms and user experience for enterprise-level solutions, equipping you with the ability to view connection status, monitor service costs, automate processes and manage devices from any location. With powerful diagnostics and customer support tools, automated alerts, and SIM-provisioning management, you can address customer needs and queries and take corrective actions swiftly.
Global gateway to Asia and rest of the world
Through our membership in Bridge Alliance Centre of Excellence, we are able to provide you seamless connectivity to other parts of Asia and cost savings through preferred roaming rates. Serving over 500 million customers, Bridge Alliance is a leading mobile alliance of 14 leading operators with a comprehensive footprint in Asia. And for businesses that need reach beyond Asia, we are able to provide extended global coverage through M2M World Alliance network.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a machine to machine (M2M) provider, some factors you will need to consider include:

Experience in ICT provision
Is the provider experienced in providing products, services and solutions for end-to-end managed mobility? Experienced ICT providers can more efficiently move into M2M provision as an extension of their existing market advantage.
Existing network presence
Does the provider have network presence and partnerships with mobile operators in overseas markets? Existing partnerships and network presence will ensure ease and speed for your entry into new markets.
Global proximity
Does the provider have country-specific expertise and an established global network of offices that can support and facilitate your entry and expansion into new markets?
Speed of delivery
How fast can the provider deliver your M2M platform and connectivity? Faster delivery means you can expect improved operations for your enterprise in a shorter time.
Point of contact
Can the provider be a single point of contact for your all your M2M needs anywhere in the world? This will ensure hassle-free coordination of IT resources and connectivity requirements for your M2M projects.
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