4G Phones, Devices & Plans

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SingTel always has the latest, most powerful smartphones and tablets in town. Simply choose the one that best suits you or keep checking back here for new launches.

Price Plans

We have created value-for-money data bundled plans ranging from 100MB to 12GB to meet everyone’s needs so whether you’re a casual Internet surfer or heavy duty user, we’ve got you covered.

Data-bundled Plans

Surf the internet anytime, anywhere when you choose a price plan bundled with 2GB or more of free local data usage. Our data-bundled plans let you access emails, Facebook and the latest breaking news even when you are on the go.

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Outgoing Local Calls Incoming Calls Local SMS Local Data Monthly Subscription
SuperLite 100 mins FREE 500 100MB $27.90
Lite 100 mins FREE 800 2GB $39.90
Value 200 mins FREE 900 3GB $59.90
Plus 500 mins FREE 1000 4GB $99.90
Prestige Unlimited FREE Unlimited 12GB $239.90

Mobile BroadBand Plans

With SingTel Mobile BroadBand data plans, you can enjoy a seamless broadband internet access anywhere and everywhere.

No more hassle in looking for hotspots or enduring a slow connection - all you get is fast broadband speed on your laptop!

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  Mobile BroadBand 75 Mobile BroadBand 150
Monthly Subscription $49.90/mth $59.90/mth
Free Local Bundle Data 10GB 5GB
Typical Download Speed Range 7.5 Mbps - 42 Mbps 7.5 Mbps - 50 Mbps


Will I consume more data on 4G?

No, switching to 4G does not mean more data usage so long as your online habits remain the same. However, because there’s so much more you can do now with superfast 4G speeds, SingTel has created value-for-money data bundled plans ranging from 100MB to 12GB, to suit everyone’s needs. And to help keep your mind at ease, SingTel 4G customers using our 4G LTE network can keep track of their data usage by using the My SingTel app or by dialing *3282.

Why You'll love 4G

Whether it's for business or time to relax, SingTel 4G is your best choice because we’re consistently faster when it matters most so why not make the switch today? With SingTel 4G, you’ll be able to access massive work files in seconds and video conference on the go seamlessly. And when it’s time to switch off, our superfast network lets you load your favourite web pages instantly, stream HDTV or videos with less than one second buffer, download 20mb files under 20 seconds, play live multiplayer games without experiencing lags, plus much more, all faster than ever before.


Discover smart tips for data consumption here.


Enhancing Digital Life with 4G



Activity 4G LTE 3G
Surf for Information < 30 seconds buffer 1 - 5 minutes buffer
Listen to Music < 1 second buffer < 10 seconds buffer
Watch a YouTube Video < 1 second buffer < 20 seconds buffer
Post a picture online < 1 second < 25 seconds
Download a 20MB game < 25 seconds < 3 minutes

Source: www.rootmetrics.com
*Speeds may vary, examples are to be used for illustrative purposes only.


Enjoy Our Exclusive Mobile Apps

SingTel is always coming up with innovative, useful and fun ways to enhance the lives of our customers so check out these featured apps today.

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