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Keep your kids entertained with a never-ending line-up of hit shows and games with the Kids Pack on CAST - including a huge range of awesome entertainment from both Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.!

What's more, the Kids Pack on CAST is the only place to get access to the full range of games and shows on the all-new, Emmy award-winning, Nickelodeon Play app!

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Get complete access to the all-new Emmy award-winning Nickelodeon Play app, exclusively with CAST! From watching the newest episodes first to gaining access to plenty of fist-pumpin’ free games and endless surprises, you can wave goodbye to boredom.

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SpongeBob SquarePants – Golden Krabby Patty Spectacular

Available from 24 Feb

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Available from 24 Feb


Available now


Available now