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Partner App: Viu Premium

Viu Premium – offers unlimited downloads of your favourite Korean and Japanese shows express from Korea, in full HD! You will also be able to watch your favourite shows without interruption in English and Chinese subtitles, anytime and anywhere!

From $4.90

This month's highlights

Watch anytime, anywhere

My Sassy Girl

Available same day right after Korea's telecast, every Mon & Tues, 10pm

Fight For My Way

Available every Tues & Wed, 4 hours after Korea

Love in Trouble

Available every Thurs & Fri, 12 hours after Korea

The Guardian

Available every Tues & Wed, 12 hours after Korea

The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

Available every Thurs & Fri, 4 hours after Korea

Queen For Seven Days

Available every Thurs & Fri, 12 hours after Korea


Available from 4 Jun

The Best Hit

Available from 3 Jun

Running Man

Available Now

Infinite Challenge

Available Now

Viu Premium subscribers will enter into a contract with PCCW Media Limited (and not Singtel) which owns and operates Viu Premium. Singtel is only a promotional and billing partner for Viu Premium.

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