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Team Ninja Warrior Season 2

Available from 7 Aug, every Mon, 8.55pm

Kicking and Screaming

Available from 7 Aug, every Mon, 9.45pm

Top Gear USA Season 6

Available from 15 Aug, every Tue, 9pm

Diana: In Her Own Words

Available from 23 Aug, every Wed, 9.20pm

Year Million

Available 27 Aug, Sun,10pm


Available from 28 Aug, every Mon, 8.30pm

Team Umizoomi - The Shape Bandit

Available from 20 Aug, every Sun, 1.05pm

The Thundermans: Banished!

Available on 9 Aug, Wed, 11am

BEN 10

Available every Sat, 9am

My Knight & Me

Available every Sat & Sun, 9.25pm

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Channels for LIVE TV and On-demand content

Don't miss a single moment of the hottest dramas and breaking news.

  • Warner TV (HD)

  • AXN HD

  • Cartoon Network (HD)

  • Nickelodeon Asia HD

  • Toonami (HD)

  • Comedy Central Asia (HD)

  • National Geographic (HD)

  • CNN International (HD)

  • KIX HD

  • MTV Asia

  • Miao Mi

  • Sony Channel (HD)

  • Animax (HD)

  • Nick Jr

  • CGTN Documentary

  • FOX News Channel

  • Sky News HD


  • Boomerang (HD)

  • Nat Geo Wild (HD)

  • Nat Geo People (HD)

  • CGTN

  • truTV (HD)

  • Baby TV (HD)

  • HLN

  • Warner TV Encore

  • AXN On Demand (HD)

  • Cartoon Network On Demand (HD)

  • Nickelodeon Asia On Demand

  • Nick Jr. On Demand

  • Comedy Central On Demand

  • MTV Asia On Demand

  • Sony On Demand

  • Animax On Demand (HD)

  • Toonami On Demand (HD)

  • Boomerang On Demand (HD)

  • truTV On Demand (HD)

  • Miao Mi On Demand

  • HITS

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