Money’s getting an update. With Dash, you can now download your cash straight into your phone, just like how you’ve been downloading movies, maps, music and everything you love.


Dash is an innovative mobile money service created by SingTel and Standard Chartered. Customers of all mobile providers or banks are welcomed.


  • No need to go to an ATM to withdraw cash
  • No need to have a wallet bursting with loose change
  • No need to go to a bank branch to sign up for banking products
  • You can just go to your phone



With the Dash app, you can:

  • Update the way you get cash - Top up money seamlessly from your savings account to your mobile cash account for instant use
  • Update the way you pay friends - Pay friends with a swipe from mobile to mobile, or choose from your contacts
  • Update the way you pay businesses - Pay for shopping or taxis with no administration fees
  • Update the way you save – Get a savings account which earns you a high interest rate just by hashtagging


You can get all this with one easy sign up of Dash Easy - a savings account seamlessly linked to a mobile cash (mCash) account. Sign up on your mobile and there's no need to go to a branch or print copies of your personal documents as you can take a picture directly using the app.


You can even apply for a Dash Advance Personal Loan, or create your own travel insurance plan with a Dash Abroad, using the Dash mobile app.


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