McAfee Mobile Security

Enjoy comprehensive security for your mobile device. McAfee Mobile Security gives you on-the-go protection against loss, theft, risky apps, mobile viruses, spyware and more, keeping your device and data safe. 


  • Empowering – Protect your mobile device and personal data while on the move
  • Comprehensive – Enjoy a suite of powerful security services on your mobile device
  • Affordable – Enjoy a low monthly subscription fee


  • $3.21 per month

Dial *7233 (*SAFE) to sign up now!

How to download

Dial *SAFE (*7233) on your mobile to get started now.


  • Protect Against Viruses and Malware
    • Security Scan– Scan for malicious code from internet downloads, files and more.
    • Block Against Risky Sites– Protect against phishing sites, browser exploits and more.
  • Protect Against Theft and Loss
    • Locate and Track Phone– Track and locate your phone by viewing its location on a map and sending an SMS or activating a remote alarm to aid the return of your device.
    • Back Up and Restore Data– Preserve your personal data via scheduled or on-demand backups and restore your backed up data to a new device.
    • Remotely Wipe and Lock Your Phone– Protect your privacy by remotely deleting the data on your phone and removable memory card if you lose your phone.
  • Safeguard Your Privacy
    • App Privacy Protection– Keep your data private by understanding how your apps access your personal details. Apps Lock allows you to prevent prying eyes from getting into your social networking and other apps that contain private information.
    • Call and SMS Filtering– Easily filter out spammers, incorrect numbers and unwanted SMSes.


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