About Roaming


We recognise that travelling is an integral part of your life. That's why we strive to provide you with the best overseas mobile coverage wherever you go via Singtel's network of 472 roaming networks in over 238 destinations worldwide.

Together with our growing list of countries and networks, we offer handy roaming services that make it easier for you to stay in touch with family, friends and business partners while overseas.

Roaming Guide

Before Leaving Singapore

Follow the tips in this checklist before your trip to enjoy hassle-free roaming while overseas:

  1. If you are not sure whether international roaming (AutoRoam or Pay-As-You-Roam) has been activated for your Singtel Mobile number, please dial *1626 or call 1688 to check.
  2. Make sure data roaming is switched off if you do not want to use data roaming on your smartphone while overseas. You can find handset-specific instructions for doing this in the Data Roaming Tips section.
  3. To save on your data roaming spend, you may consider subscribing to DataRoam Saver plans.To know how much data you may use while overseas, click here for a reference.
  1. Subscribe to usage alerts via My DataRoam Settings to keep track of your data roaming usage on the go.
  2. For easy dialling while overseas, save important numbers in your phonebook in either the International Direct Dial or GlobalDial 121 format:
    • International Direct Dial: +65 12345678
    • GlobalDial 121: *121*12345678#
  3. Top up your Singtel hi!Card to at least $30 before departure if you are using a prepaid mobile card.
  1. Check roaming rates online or dial *100# when you are overseas to find out the rates for calls to different destinations.

Did you know?

All Singtel Mobile customers are provided with Overseas Missed Call Alerts to help you keep track of all unanswered and rejected calls while you are travelling overseas!
While overseas, you can dial +65 6235 1688 to reach our Customer Care for support.