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  • Unlimited data roaming now expanded to 100 destinations!

    17 November 2015
  • Have the essential data you need for only $10/100MB.

    3 September 2015
  • Enjoy data roaming in Australia at just $10 for 1GB!

    30 April 2015

You might be a Roamaphobe. Question is, which one are you?

When it comes to staying connected, the fear of billshock means most of us find ways of getting online other than the use of data roam. It’s understandable. But believe us, there’s always a price to pay and it may not always be in dollars and cents.

Introducing the Roamaphobes

The WiFi Hunter:

Turns every holiday into a grand quest for free WiFi, travel attractions are secondary. Sometimes spotted with a black-faced travel partner trudging along over lengthy distances.

The Café Dweller:

Spends entire afternoons at a hotspot, freeloading every drop of bandwidth available to them. What happens when you know you’ll be at one spot for extended periods of time? You make yourself right at home, of course.

The SIM Swapper:

Amasses a wide range of local SIM cards from all over the world, in the hopes that one day, they just might use it again. Well, when the time comes, they can often be spotted at obscure corners of the airport searching for “the one”.

The #Latergrammer:

The thrifty lot who have no intentions of compromising their holiday for connectivity. They go trigger-happy with their photo snapping, only uploading them all at once when they get back to the hotel. Beware of grumpy, neglected travel partners and annoyed Facebook friends coming to terms with the daily spam.

Fortunately, it’s easy to put an end to Roamaphobia. With Singtel DataRoam Saver Plan, you can enjoy unlimited data on your travels from just $19 a day. No surprises, no billshock.