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BlackBerry® World Billing

Buying apps is now easier than ever! Simply charge your BlackBerry World purchases direct to your Singtel monthly bill in just a few clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing BlackBerry® 10 OS

Why BlackBerry® with Singtel?

We offer you a customised My Singtel app which can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World. My Singtel app on BlackBerry® lets you view your local and roaming data usage, view your bill cycle, re-contract eligibility as well as activate Singtel DataRoam Saver plans.


BlackBerry® World Billing (valid as of 25 June 2013)
Where can I download BlackBerry World?

You can download BlackBerry World or manually update your existing version of BlackBerry World by visiting from your BlackBerry device, or by visiting from a computer.

What is Carrier Billing?

Singtel customers are now able to purchase apps from BlackBerry World and charge it to their mobile bills. For prepaid customers, please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your wallet to purchase the app.

Is it possible to use carrier billing purchase to download apps via WiFi?

The first time you make an app purchase from BlackBerry World via Carrier Billing, you will need to be logged on to Singtel’s 3G/4G network in order for us to authenticate the user. If you use WiFi for the first time purchase, we will not be able to authenticate you as a Singtel Mobile customer. However, subsequent purchases can be made through Wi-Fi connection.

What are the BlackBerry devices that support Carrier Billing?

Carrier Billing is supported across all BlackBerry devices, namely BlackBerry OS 4.5 & above, BlackBerry World 2.1 version & above and BlackBerry 10.

Where can I find the apps that I downloaded?

The apps that you download from BlackBerry World are located on the My World screen. On the BlackBerry World home screen, click My World.

What happens to my downloaded apps when I switch to a new BlackBerry device?

When you use your existing BlackBerry ID to log in to the BlackBerry World storefront on your new device, you can reinstall your apps on your new BlackBerry device on the My World screen. You can reinstall apps which you have bought on up to four additional devices each year without paying for the apps again. Apps that you have archived on a media card can also be reinstalled on the My World screen. Additional data charges might apply to reinstall apps.

Why can't I see all the apps for sale or download on BlackBerry World on my device?

Some apps that are listed on BlackBerry World on a computer might not be listed in BlackBerry World on your BlackBerry device as the apps might not be available for your current device. BlackBerry World is designed to display only the apps that are available for your current device and the BlackBerry Device Software.

Can I download apps in the BlackBerry World storefront elsewhere?

Yes, you can also buy and download apps from the BlackBerry World storefront on a computer. Depending on the company who created the app, you might also be able to buy or download apps from the company's website.

What's the difference between apps that I purchase and apps I subscribe to?

You might be required to pay a recurring subscription fee for some apps which you downloaded from BlackBerry World or for additional apps found within the apps that you have already downloaded or purchased. Subscriptions can be renewed after 7 days or 30 days, depending on the app and the provider. Your subscription is automatically renewed till you cancel your subscription. BlackBerry World is designed to send you an email notification before each subscription is renewed as well as an email notification once the renewal is complete. You can view all of your subscriptions and cancel your subscriptions on the My World screen.

Why do I receive an error message when I log in using my BlackBerry ID?

If you receive an error message when you attempt to log in using your BlackBerry ID, you might have to wait a few moments and attempt to log in again. You can also connect to a Wi-Fi network and attempt to log in again.

How do I get support for an app?

You should contact the company who created the app to obtain support. In many cases, support information is provided on the app's Summary screen.

  1. On the BlackBerry World home screen, click My World.
  2. Click the app.
  3. On the Summary screen, scroll to the bottom of the page for a website link or support contact information.

Who can I approach if I need to check on my charges?

Please contact our vendor, Bango, for issues regarding your charges at or +65 800 441 1303.