SIM Only Plans

Enjoy super value with our SuperSIM plans, which are equipped with 4G ultrafast surfing.  Talk, surf and SMS as much as you like without being tied to a long-term contract.


  • Minimum 3 months subscription
  • Additional 50% talktime on your mobile plans
  • Ultrafast speeds on SingTel 4G network


Customers on Monthly Bill Rebate or supplementary plans are not eligible for SuperSIM Plans


SuperLite SuperSIM Lite SuperSIM Value SuperSIM Plus SuperSIM
Monthly Subscription $27.90 $39.90 $59.90 $99.90

Phone Price


Outgoing Local Calls 150 mins 150 mins 300 mins 750 mins


Local SMS/MMS 500 800 900 1000
Local Data 100MB 2GB 3GB 4GB


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RedPAC Rewards

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Bundled Free Add-ons

SIM Only Plans FAQs

Standard SuperSIM
How long can I enjoy the additional 50% talktime on my plan?

SuperSIM is a SIM – only price plan. The additional 50% talktime will cease once you sign an equipment contract or take up the bill rebate. 

I am currently a student. Can I enjoy Youth perks on the SuperSIM plans?

SuperSIM subscribers will not be eligible for Youth perks.

I am currently a SuperSIM subscriber, but I would like to change to a non-Super SIM plan like the Classic plan. Can I still enjoy the same additional talktime and SMS benefits?

No, the benefits will cease.

I am currently a SuperSIM subscriber (e.g. iOne Plus SuperSIM), but I would like to change to the new SuperLite/Lite/Value/Plus SuperSIM plan. Can I still enjoy the same additional 50% talktime benefit?

Yes, you will be able to enjoy the additional 50% talktime on your new SuperSIM plan.

I am a SuperSIM subscriber and wish to transfer my mobile line to another party. Will my transferee continue to enjoy the additional talktime benefits?

Yes. When you transfer your mobile line, your transferee will continue to enjoy the additional 50% talktime benefits on the same SuperSIM plan. Do note that a $21.40 transfer fee will be billed to your account.

SIM Only Plans Terms & Conditions

  1. SuperSIM is a sim only plan with additional 50% talktime, applicable to new & existing customers whose contract have already ended.
  2. A one-time registration fee of $10.70 and SIM card charge of $37.45 apply to new subscribers.
  3. Free Value Added Services are only applicable for new sign ups.
  4. Additional 50% talktime is applicable to all SuperSIM plans.
  5. Minimum 3-month subscription.
  6. Additional 50% talktime benefit will cease upon equipment upgrade.
  7. Not eligible for customers on Monthly Bill Rebate and RedPAC Supplementary Plan.
  8. A conversion fee applies for existing SingTel Mobile telephone lines under an equipment undertaking agreement term that is converted to CIS.
  9. Customers on Youth Plans will not enjoy Youth Perks on SuperSIM plans..
  10. SingTel Mobile reserves the right to amend terms & conditions without prior notice. All SingTel's General Terms & Conditions of Service(s) apply, as listed in


Please click here for the full Terms & Conditions.



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