Where to Buy?

SingTel Shops:
SingTel Retail Shops and SingTel Exclusive Retailers


Convenience Stores & Others:
7-Eleven, Caltex*, Cheers, SingPost, Sheng Siong Supermarket, SPC*, Authorized Prepaid Retailers, RHB Bank Currency Exchange Counters at Singapore Changi Aiport and Changi Recommends at Singapore Changi Airport.

*Only sell Top-up Cards.


Top up Online:
easy Online Top-up @, easy Account Top-Up @, hi!Account @ (Free Access), vPost @


Top up via Self-Serve Stations:

AXS Stations/ AXS e-Station/ AXS m-Station, DBS/ POSB/ OCBC ATMs, iNETs Kiosk, Kopitiam Foodcourt Kiosks, SAMs, vBOX


Other methods of Top up:

- mWallet app
- SingTel Postpaid Line, call 1355
- SingTel Residential line, call 1900-914-1488

Documents to bring when purchasing a hi! SIM Card


Category Identification
Singaporeans NRIC / Passport
Permanent Residents Blue NRIC
National Servicemen SAF11B / SPF11B / SCDF11B / Passport
Singapore Work Permit Holders Work Permit Card / Passport
Others Passport

Employment Pass and S-Pass Cards are not accepted by the authorities for hi! SIM Card registration.


Prepaid Roaming

Roaming Country Country Code Call to Singapore/Incoming Call
($ per 1-Minute Block)
Call to Other Destinations/Call within Destinations ($ per 1-Minute Block) Send SMS to Singapore/Other Destination ($ per SMS)
Malaysia 60 1.05 2.00 (call to Other Destinations), 1.40 (call within Malaysia) 0.50
Australia 61 2.00 2.50 1.50
Hong Kong 852 2.00 2.50 1.50
Taiwan 886 2.00 2.50 1.50
Thailand 66 2.00 2.50 1.50
Austria 43 3.00 3.50 1.50
Belgium 32 3.00 3.50 1.50
China 86 3.00 3.50 1.50
France 33 3.00 3.50 1.50
Germany 49 3.00 3.50 1.50
Italy 39 3.00 3.50 1.50
Japan 81 3.00 3.50 1.50
Netherlands 31 3.00 3.50 1.50
New Zealand 64 3.00 3.50 1.50
Philippines 63 3.00 3.50 1.50
Switzerland 41 3.00 3.50 1.50
UK 44 3.00 3.50 1.50
USA 1 3.00 3.50 1.50
India 91 4.50 5.50 1.50
Indonesia 62 4.50 5.50 1.50
All other countries where SingTel has roaming agreements - 6.00 7.50 1.50


  • Roaming country is the country you are in when you make/receive a call or send an SMS.
  • Call charges are on a per-minute basis.
  • There is a $0.35 call set-up charge for each successful call made in Malaysia. For other countries, call set-up charge is $0.50 for each successful call made.
  • Charges stated are inclusive of GST.
  • SingTel reserves all rights to amend Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

First time activation of SIM when roaming, call 130#


Make calls when overseas:
131 <Country Code><Area Code><Tel. No.> #


Send SMS when overseas:
+ <Country Code><Mobile Number> to send the message


Top-up when overseas:
132 <10 Digit Top-up Card Number><6 Digit Pin Number> #


To make roaming calls/SMS, your hi! SIM Card must have a minimum balance of $8 in Main Account


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I buy a hi! SIM Card?

    Click here to find out more.

    All hi! SIM Cards need to be registered. Please bring along your identification documents for registration purposes. Click here to find out the type of documents to bring.

  2. How to activate my hi! SIM Card on my mobile phone?

    Insert your hi! SIM Card into your mobile phone and make the first call, SMS or use data.

  3. How do I check my account balance or expiry?

    Go to (free access) or call 100#.

  4. Where can I top up my hi! SIM Card?

    Click here to find out where to top up your hi! SIM Card.

  5. Is there an expiry date on my hi! SIM Card or Top-up card?

    To check your hi! SIM Card expiry date, go to (free access) or call 139#.

    hi! Top-up cards also have an expiry date printed on the back of cards. Cards cannot be used once expired.

  6. Is there a hotline for hi! SIM Card users?

    Yes, you can call 1800-482-2800 (toll free, 8am-10pm) or contact Customer Care here.

  7. Do I need to configure my SMS Centre number in order to send SMSes from my hi! SIM Card?

    Yes, you need to configure your mobile phone to a dedicated SMS Centre, +6596400001.

  8. How do I purchase Data Plans to surf the internet?

    Click here to find out more about our Data Bundles.

    Alternatively, you can also surf using pay-per-use rate of 5.4c per 10KB.

    To configure your phone for data usage:

    For iPhone:

    • Click Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network
    • Cellular APN: hicard
    • MMS APN: hicard
    • MMSC:
    • MMS Proxy:

    For BlackBerry:

    • Call 363 to activate a BlackBerry® Data Plan
    • Upon activation, data configuration will be pushed to your BlackBerry®

    For other phones:

    • Set both internet WAP and MMS APN: hicard
    • MMS Centre:
    • MMS Proxy:
    • Port: 8080
    • MCC: 525
    • MNC: 01
    • Authentication type: PAP
  9. How do I make a call to an overseas number?

    To call using IDD001: Dial +<Country Code><Area Code><Tel. No.>

    To call using v019: Dial 019<Country Code><Area Code><Tel. No.>

  10. How do I send SMS to my overseas friend?

    Enter +<Country Code><Area Code><Mobile Number> in the sender field when sending your message 

    1) 001 cannot replace the “+” key when sending an SMS overseas. Please refer to your phone manual on how to key in “+”.

    2) Key in <area code> only if applicable.

    For the list of supported destinations for Global SMSes, please click here.

  11. How do I perform a first time activation of SIM when roaming?

    Call 130#

  12. Can my friend reply to my SMS while I am roaming overseas?

    Yes, but only if his/her network allows this feature.

  13. What are the charges for receiving a SMS when I am roaming overseas?

    Receiving SMS is free.

  14. How to top up my hi! SIM Card while roaming?

    Purchase a hi! Top-up Card before leaving Singapore.

    Applicable hi! Top-up Cards are $10 hi! Top-up Card, $20 hi! Top-up Card and $50 hi! Top-up Card. Only these cards can be used when roaming. Click here to find out where to buy.

    Dial 132<10 Digit Top-up Card Number><6 Digit Pin Number> # on your mobile phone to top up your hi! SIM Card.

  15. Is there a customer service hotline to call when I am roaming?

    Yes, you can call 1800-482-2800 from 8am to 10pm Singapore time daily. Call charges apply.

  16. What is mobileTV?

    MobileTV is a multimedia service that enables SingTel hi! Prepaid Card users to enjoy Live TV and On-Demand programmes on their mobile devices anywhere, anytime with 3G/4G LTE coverage.

  17. Who is eligible for mobileTV?

    MobileTV service is open to all SingTel hi! Prepaid Card users. A compatible 3G/4G LTE handset is required to support this service. Please check that you have a compatible device before purchasing a channel.

  18. How do I access mobileTV?

    Go to on your WAP browser OR --> Add-Ons --> Contents



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