What is MMS?

The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a messaging service that allows messages containing pictures, audio clips, text and videoclips to be sent from one mobile phone to another mobile phone, or even from one mobile phone to an email address

Why should I send an MMS instead of an SMS?

An SMS is a plain text message. MMS lets you combine pictures, video/audio clips and text into a single message. For example, you can send a photo instead of trying to describe what something looks like. Or if you want to show someone that you are thinking of them but you don’t know what to say, you can send a picture message like the ones here.

Who can send MMS?

Singtel Mobile Postpaid and Prepaid customers can send MMS from their MMS-enabled mobile phones. Singtel Mobile Postpaid customers can also send MMS from a PC or laptop by logging on to IDEAS.

What will happen if I send an MMS to someone who does not have an MMS-enabled phone?

Your friend will receive an SMS notification informing him/her of the MMS and how to retrieve it.

My friend sent me an MMS. How do I view the MMS when I do not have an MMS-enabled mobile phone?

Singtel Mobile Postpaid subscribers can view the MMS online by logging into using their mobile number. Click on ‘SMS/MMS’, than on ‘MMS Inbox’. If you are accessing the IDEAS portal for the first time, you will need to register as a new user. Registration and signup is free.

Do I need to to retrieve my MMS from My MMS Inbox immediately?

MMS deposited into the MMS Inbox will be available for 7 days.

Can I send MMS to M1/StarHub customers?

Yes. Singtel Mobile will send your MMS to the respective mobile network operator (M1/StarHub). The speed and receipt of the MMS is dependent on the respective operator's network.

Will I incur data charges when sending or receiving an MMS in Singapore?

Although you need GRPS to enjoy MMS, you will not incur any GPRS charges for sending and receiving MMS locally in Singapore.

What is the maximum MMS size that I can send/receive?

The maximum MMS size supported by Singtel is 300kb.

Can I send MMS to my friends overseas?

Yes, you can send MMS from Singapore to your friends overseas.

If I am travelling overseas, can I send and receive MMS from my friends back in Singapore?

Yes, Singtel Mobile supports roaming to more than 200 destinations. Please visit for roaming destinations. Note that overseas operator's GPRS roaming traffic charges may apply in some countries, in addition to roaming MMS rates.

Can I send a 300kb MMS to any overseas network operator?

The maximum MMS size is subject to the overseas network operator’s support.

Will I be charged for sending an MMS to a friend overseas if my friend did not receive the MMS?

Yes. Singtel ensures the delivery of your Global MMS to the overseas network operator but will not guarantee the recipient receiving it.

How am I charged for an MMS if I have a combo plan?

The number of SMS and MMS bundled in your Combo price plan is interchangeable. Therefore the usage of an MMS will be deducted based on per MMS sent. However, if you exceed your local SMS/MMS bundle, prevailing pay per use MMS charges will apply.
If you are overseas, prevailing MMS and data roam charges will apply.