VoiceMail Lite


Allow callers to leave a voice message when your line is busy or you are unable to answer so that you never miss a call.

  • Customisable – Set a personalised message that callers hear when your line is busy or not answered
  • Helpful – Receive notifications alerting you about any new messages
  • Free – Enjoy this handy service for free

Call 1688 or visit any SingTel shop.

Setup cost free
Subscription charges free

How tos

  1. Overview of Voicemail Menu
    Main Menu Options
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png Retrieve Message
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png Personal Options
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/five.png Change Language Options
    Listen Options (Retrieve Message)
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/zero.png Call Caller 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png Replay Message 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/four.png Save Message 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/five.png Delete Message 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/seven.png Listen to Previous Message
    Language Options
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png For English 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/two.png For Chinese
    Personal Options
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png Subscriber Greeting 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/two.png PIN 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png Notification 
    Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/five.png Message Men
  2. Getting Started

    A [First Time User Introduction] session can be played to help you change your PIN, select a New Language and record your Personal Name.

    • Access your VoiceMail
    • Change the Preferred Language
    • Change your PIN
    • Record your Personal Name
  3. Getting into Your Mail Box

    You can access your VoiceMail from any telephone, mobile phone, pay phone, office or home phone, both locally and overseas.

    Using your own fixed line phone registered with VoiceMail: 
    1.   Call http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.pnghttp://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.pnghttp://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/zero.pnghttp://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/five.png (locally) or 65 6799 1305 (from overseas) and wait for your VoiceMail to answer. 

    Using phones other than your fixed line phone:
    1.    Call http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.pnghttp://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.pnghttp://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/zero.pnghttp://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/five.png (locally) or 65 6799 1305 (from overseas) and wait for your VoiceMail to answer.
    2.    Enter your PIN followed by http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/hex.png 
           Enter your fixed line number followed by http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/hex.png
           (Your initial/default PIN is 1122) 

  4. Retrieving Your Message

    VoiceMail provides you with friendly step-by-step voice prompts to guide you in retrieving your messages. 

    To retrieve your messages: 

    •  Access your VoiceMail 
    • Listen to the number of new and played messages in your voice mailbox. 
    • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png to listen 
    • After each message:
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png to repeat the message.
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/four.png to save the message.
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/five.png to delete the message.
  5. Call Return
    • Access your VoiceMail 
    • Listen to the number of new and played messages in your voice mailbox. 
    • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png to listen
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/zero.png at any time to go to Call Return. 
      • Enter http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/hex.png when prompted to. 
    • If message is from a Caller Non ID number, you will be prompted to key in the number followed by http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/hex.png
  6. Record Your Personal Greeting

    You can create your own personal greeting (up to 2 minutes). Recording your own Personal Greeting or Personal Name helps to assure callers that they are leaving messages for the right person.

    • To record your personal greeting:
    •  Access your VoiceMail 
    •  Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png for Personal Options at the Main Menu 
    •  Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png for Subscriber Greeting 
    •  Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/two.png for Personal Greeting
      • You will hear your current Personal Greeting if you have recorded one previously. 
    •  Follow the prompt and select from the following options
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png to record a new Personal Greeting 
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/two.png to save Personal Greeting 
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png to delete Personal Greeting
  7. Record Your Personal Name

    If you do not wish to have a customised Personal Greeting, you can record your Personal Name.

    When friends and clients call you, they will hear this greeting:
    “< your Personal name > is unavailable now. Record your message after the tone.”
    The maximum length of your recorded name is 30 seconds. 

    To record your personal name: 

    • Access your VoiceMail
    • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png for Personal Options at the Main Menu
    • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png for Subscriber Greeting
    • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png for Personal Name.
      • You will hear your current personal name if you have recorded one previously. 
    • To record your Personal Name, you may enter:
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png to record a new Personal Name.
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/two.png to save Personal Name.
      • Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png to delete Personal Name.
  8. Changing Your PIN

    Your default PIN is 1122. For security reasons, you should change your PIN.

    To Change Your PIN
    1. Access your VoiceMail
    2. Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png to select Personal Options from the Main Menu
    3. Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/two.png to select PIN
    4. Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png to change PIN
    5. Enter your new PIN followed by http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/hex.png. You will be requested to confirm your new PIN by entering it again followed by http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/hex.png.

    Note: Please ensure that you are using a different access PIN if you are also subscribed to SingTel Mobile VoiceMail, so as to differentiate the mailboxes should you access VoiceMail via your mobile phone.

    Notification of Messages
    1. Access your VoiceMail
    2. Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png to select Personal Options from the Main Menu
    3. Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/three.png for Notification Setting
    4. Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/one.png for Telephone Notification Setting
      Press http://singtel-uat2.cybersoft.com.sg/sites/default/files/image/Number%20Image/two.png for Pager Notification Setting
    Display on Telephone When a new message is left for you, your telephone will ring.
    • Caller ID Display: 1305
    When you pick up the phone, your will hear:
    • “You have XX new voice messages. Please call 1305 to access your mailbox.”
    The message will be repeated.
    Display on Pager When a new message is left for you, your pager will display:
    • If caller’s number is available: -caller’s number-
    • If caller’s number is not available: --
  9. Useful Information
    • Local Access Number - 1305 /+65 6799 1305(M1 / Starhub users)
    • Overseas Access Number - +65 6799 1305
    • Default Password - 1122
    • Password Length - 4 to 7 digits
  10. Useful Function Keys
    Exit Voicemail Service Hang-up
    Cancel Last Action and Back Up One Step #
    Exit To Main Menu 9
    Help 8

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