The Silverline Apps

The Silverline Apps

Five Silverline apps were uniquely developed to enhance the social, emotional and physical needs of Singapore’s rapidly growing elderly population. These apps will enable the beneficiaries to feel inspired, connect with their caregivers and loved ones, take care of their health and discover new experiences every day.

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  • Inspire
  • Connect
  • Well-Being
  • Discover
  • Emergency

Inspire App

Our seniors can now access the world at their fingertips! Each day, our seniors can look forward to receiving an inspiring quote and photo. This app aims to inspire curiosity about what’s going on in the world, improve their knowledge and keep their mind active!

Connect App

Communicating with caregivers, friends and family has never been easier. With customized contact list with large images and font sizes, our seniors can now identify their friends and family through pictures in their contact list instead of numbers, making it easier for them to stay in touch with the people who matter most.

Well-Being App

This app helps our seniors to stay in the pink of health. It reminds them to take their daily medication. The app also shares important health tips and exercise videos to encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook.

Discover App

Our seniors can now capture and share their experiences and location with family and friends. They can take photographs wherever they are, attach notes to the photos and even tag their current locations. Through photography, we hope that our seniors can rediscover their surroundings, connect by sharing and feel less alone.

Emergency App

For seniors who live alone, emergencies can be life-threatening. They can now dial for the police or ambulance in a quicker and easier way. The large emergency services icons are designed to help seniors dial for help with a simple touch of a button.