About Project Silverline

About Project Silverline


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What is Project Silverline?

Project Silverline is a Singtel initiative to bring joy to Singaporean seniors and inspire them to make every day amazing.

Project Silverline seeks to enrich and improve the everyday lives of our seniors in Singapore with the use of smartphone technology. Project Silverline is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative which calls for the donation of used 3GS, 4 and 4S iPhones and chargers for the purpose of refurbishing them with specially developed senior-friendly apps for the benefit of our seniors in Singapore. For every iPhone donated, Singtel will sponsor the talktime and data plan for our senior beneficiaries for a period of one year.

In this fast-paced technology-driven era, our seniors are often left out because they are unable to keep up and communicate with family members through the same channels. To reduce isolation and open their world to new experiences, Singtel leverages on its strength in technology to empower our seniors with access to new media, enabling them to lead independent, joyful and inclusive lives.

Singtel has created a suite of apps which help our seniors connect with their family and friends, discover the world around them and take better care of their health. iPhones were identified for this project because of their simple and intuitive interface, making them easier for our seniors to use. Donated iPhones will have their personal data wiped clean and be refurbished with this suite of useful apps before they are given to our seniors.

Through this initiative, Singtel hopes to:

  1. Strengthen pride with our seniors by giving them an opportunity to own a smartphone and learn new skills with access to technology.
  2. Maintain independence by empowering our seniors with technology. Equipped with emergency services, health and task reminders, Project Silverline gives our seniors and their caregivers a greater sense of security.
  3. Reduce isolation by opening new channels and ways of communications with their friends and family. Our seniors can better connect using text messages and customized contact lists.
  4. Bring joy to our seniors with technology that puts new activities and learning opportunities at their fingertips. Keeping their minds, and their lifestyles, active.

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Project Silverline Frequently Asked Questions

What is the motivation behind this project?

In this technology-driven era, Project Silverline is part of Singtel’s aim to inspire Singaporeans to make real and meaningful connections. We are leveraging our strengths in multimedia technology and telecommunications to connect people of all ages. With Project Silverline, we want to equip the seniors within our community to use technology to lead joyful and connected lives.


What about the phone lines and data plans required to power the iPhones? Is Singtel providing that?

For every used iPhone donated, Singtel will sponsor the talk time and data plan required to power the Silverline Apps for senior beneficiaries for one year.


What happens after one year?

Singtel hopes that the senior beneficiaries will continue to benefit from the use of the Silverline apps to enrich their daily lives. We will monitor how they use the phone and apps. The continuity of this initiative will be reviewed, with feedback from the charity groups, at the end of one year.


Why can’t Singtel utilise the traded in iPhones instead of asking customers to donate?

In addition to launching the apps and sponsoring the talk time and data plan required to power these apps, Singtel hopes to actively involve members of the public to be part of this meaningful project by donating their iPhone.


How were the Silverline apps developed?

The Silverline apps were developed in partnership with Newton Circus and Ogilvy & Mather with the needs of our seniors in mind. They were built and tailored with the aim of reducing isolation for seniors by keeping them connected with their caregivers, friends and family, allowing them to keep an active mind and stay informed of and engaged with the world around them.


Am I able to download these apps for my own use?

The Silverline apps have been developed as part of Singtel’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and are currently not available for download to the public at this point of time.


Will I be able to meet the senior who has received my iphone?

Singtel will not reveal the identities of the beneficiaries for security reasons. However, if you would like to volunteer your time to befriend the senior beneficiaries, you may do so through the various programmes available at Lions Befrienders and Willing Hearts.


There are so many seniors at Lions Befrienders and Willing Hearts. Will each of them be receiving an iphone or will they have to share?

Beneficiaries will be given an iPhone each for their own use. The beneficiaries will be selected in consultation with Lions Befrienders and Willing Hearts, on a case-by-case basis, and evaluated based on their welfare needs, as well as their social well-being.


Will these seniors be able to keep the iPhones or will they have to return it after a period of one year?

After they have received the iPhones refitted with Silverline apps, the ownership of the phones will belong to the beneficiaries and they will be able to keep it permanently.


Are we able to donate our used iPhones through all official Singtel Retail Shops?

You can donate your used iPhone at any Singtel Retail Shops. Find the locations of the shops here.


Are we able to donate our iPhones through Singtel exclusive distributors too?

No, the donation drive will only be open at Singtel Retail shops.


What are the models of the iphones required for the donation drive?

Only iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S are accepted for Project Silverline at this point of time.


I don’t have an iPhone. Can I donate other smartphone models?

We will not be able to accept other smartphone models as the Silverline Apps were developed specifically for use on the iPhone. The iPhone, with an easy-to-use interface, was chosen as the platform for this app launched specifically to benefit seniors.


If I don’t want to donate my iPhone, can I donate money instead?

Singtel will not be collecting monetary donations for Silverline, however if you would like to make donations to needy seniors who are part of Lions Befrienders or Willing Hearts, you can contact the organisations separately.


If I am not a Singtel customer but I would like to donate my iPhone, is this possible?

Yes, as long as you own a 3GS, 4 or 4G iPhone, you can donate your iPhone at any Singtel Retail Shop


Why don’t Singtel accept 3G iPhone or Android phones?

All generations of iPhones have been considered. The senior friendly Silverline apps were built with the needs of seniors in mind, and technical requirements wise, they rely on software that is implemented from 3GS iPhones onwards. For example, the motion detector function built into the Well-Being App is only workable on 3GS iPhone onwards when the accelerometer functionality was introduced. We are looking into introducing Silverline apps on Android platform at a later stage while we fine-tune and assess how the seniors are using iOS platform at the launch of this initiative.


I have no time. Can a family member or a friend donate my iPhone on my behalf?

Yes, you will need to write an authorization letter to authorize your family member or friend to donate on your behalf.


How long is this donation drive open for?

The Silverline initiative is ongoing. Interested donors are encouraged to donate their iPhones anytime from now till 31 March 2013 at any Singtel Retail Shop. This date will be reviewed again.


Most seniors will be grateful for a basic phone with a free voice plan. Why do we need to donate iPhone?

A smartphone can do so much more than a normal phone. The hardware and software inherent in the handsets allows them to be much more useful to seniors than a normal feature phone. For example the touchscreens means it is easier for people with poor eyesight and infirm hands to see and touch buttons on the phone.

These phones are being salvaged from the bottom shelf of our drawers and bookcases and being recycled. So there is no cost, rather a clever use and facilitation of technology that would otherwise be going to waste


Why did Singtel create 5 Silverline Apps as many basic phones have good cameras, ability to set alarms, reminders, and set emergency call buttons etc.?

Singtel, together with partner, Newton Circus, did some research with our target users and prioritized the development of applications and services to help people feel more connected with society in their daily life. The Silverline Apps are all designed to simplify, or make more accessible, the existing functionality of these phones. For example, the Connect app uses pictures and large text to make it easier for seniors to identify and store their contacts. This is just the start.


An iPhone may seem a luxury item, so why is it important to give to these seniors when they have issues settling basic needs like food, shelter and healthcare?

An iPhone may seem like a luxury item when needy seniors have issues settling basic needs like food, shelter and healthcare, we however should not underestimate the serious impact of social isolation on a person’s life. Focus groups were done and needy seniors, particularly the isolated elderly Project Silverline is focused on, are in need of a nurse or caregiver to look after them on a regular basis. As these seniors do not have family to perform this role or an expensive monitoring system, we are using smartphones to allow them to be more self-sufficient. For example, apps that can tell whether a fall has taken place, or sense inactivity for a long period of time, in turn will trigger a message to be sent to the caregiver and alert them to visit.

We are using Project Silverline to repurpose unwanted technology to enable seniors to lead more active, fulfilling and connected lives. All donated iPhones will be preloaded with five senior friendly Silverline apps with functionality of both English and Chinese language. To promote inter-generational bonding, volunteers will also teach the seniors how to use the iPhone and apps in addition to constant interactions with the seniors thereafter to check on their well-being.