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Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

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  • Troubleshooting and Technical Support
    • How can I get a replacement for my faulty SIM card?

      You can replace your SIM card by visiting any of our Singtel Shops personally with original identification documents. Each replacement costs $37.45 (inclusive of GST).

    • I am having issues accessing the internet with my tablet.

      Visit Mobile Device Support for step-by-step guides on resolving technical issues for your device.

  • Add-On & Services
    • I need more than the local data limit allocated to my data Plan.

      With the DataMore add-on, you can enjoy additional local data from as low as $8.56 per month:

      DataMore Add-On 1GB 2GB 3GB 4GB
      Monthly Subscription $8.56/mth $17.12/mth $25.68/mth $34.24/mth

      To activate:

    • How do I sign up for Wireless@SG?

      To sign up for Wireless@SG, Singtel mobile customers may dial *9434 (*WiFi) on your Singtel mobile line. Otherwise, you may submit an online registration form.

    • How do I connect to Wireless@SG?

      To sign up for the service:

      1. At the hotspot, enable your wireless networking and select "Wireless@SG" from the list of available networks.
      2. Launch your Internet browser.
      3. A login page will appear to prompt for your SingNet or Singtel Mobile User ID and Password.

        For SingNet Customers

        • Type in your SingNet Dial-up / BroadBand User ID, followed by @singnet and your corresponding password.

        For Singtel Mobile Customers

        • Your login ID is your mobile phone number, followed by @stm For eg, 91234567@stm
        • Your password is your IDEAS password or the password you received via 9434 (WiFi)
        • Click here to find out more on how to sign up for this service.
      4. Upon successful authentication, the webpage of the requested URL will appear and you will be connected to the Internet. (Note: For corporate users, it is recommended to use your Company's Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing corporate information and data at the wireless hotspots for added security.)
      5. To end your Internet session, type "logout." at the URL bar.
    • Where are the Wireless@SG hotspots at?

      The hotspots include cafes like Starbucks, Delifrance, Spinneli, DOME, Gelare café; restaurants like Burger King, Ichiban Boshi and Fiesta; public libraries, country clubs, community centres, shopping malls like Ngee Ann City, Paragon and Raffles City.

      See full list of Wireless@SG hotspots.

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