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Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

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Technical Help

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  • Account and Appointments
    • How do I check my scheduled installation timing?

      You can check in a few different ways:

      • Via My Account at
      • Call 1688 and speak with a call agent.
    • What happens if I miss the modem delivery date/time?

      If you are not at the specified address when SingPost makes the delivery, a SingPost Notification Card will be slotted under your door asking you to arrange for a 2nd delivery attempt. If that too is unsuccessful, the 3rd delivery attempt is chargeable at $21.40. Prices are subject to change and the prevailing GST shall apply.

    • What happens if I terminate my service before the contract period ends?

      An early termination fee will be imposed. The fee is based on the remaining number of months in your contract period x the promotional subscription rate that you are paying.

    • What happens if I upgrade/downgrade to different speeds within Fibre Broadband?

      For moving within the same bundle

      If you are not obligated to complete any contractual period in your Singtel Fibre BroadBand plans, you may change to any other plans currently offered by Singtel Fibre BroadBand. Change of plans is subject to the terms and conditions of the Singtel Fibre BroadBand promotions you have signed up for.

      For moving to a different bundle

      Please call 1688 for more information.

    • How can I check whether I’m eligible to recontract my Singtel Fibre BroadBand service?

      You can check when you will be able to recontract using My Account. Simply select ‘Show details and usage’ on the Account Summary page.

      Please note that you will not be able to recontract the individual services in your Fibre bundle. To check the recontract date for your Fibre bundle, you may select ‘Show details’ under the broadband service.

    • Can I transfer my Singtel Fibre BroadBand Plan anytime during my contract period?

      Yes. The transferee will continue with the remainder of the Singtel Fibre BroadBand Plan contract period.  Please note that the transferee will be charged an administrative fee of $10.70 (inclusive of GST). You can make the transfer by walking in to any Singtel Shop. Please note that both transferor and transferee must be present, and must bring any supporting documents.

    • What should I do to transfer ownership of my Singtel Fibre BroadBand?

      Both Transferor (the existing subscriber) and Transferee must be present during the transfer. Customers can walk in to any of our Customer Service Counters with their original NRICs.

      In the event only one party (transferor or transferee) can be present for the transfer, he/she will have to furnish the following documents at point of transfer:

      • Authorisation letter and acceptance letter: signed by both Transferor and Transferee, with the information below
        • User ID
        • Singtel Fibre BroadBand Telephone no.
        • Name of current subscriber
        • Name of transferee
      • Original identification documents of both parties
      • Please ensure that the authorisation letter is signed by both Transferor and Transferee.

      Upon transfer, the Transferor’s loyalty reward may be forfeited.

      Both Transferor and Transferee must settle all outstanding balances in their accounts with the Singtel Group before proceeding with the transfer.

      The Transferee will take over the remaining terms of contract(s) of the Transferor, otherwise the Transferor will have to pay a penalty for early termination of contract(s).

      The Transferee will be charged a one-time transfer fee of $10 (before GST). Other charges such as registration charge, Singtel installation and NetLinkTrust installation also apply. For more information, please call 1688.

  • Local and International Download Speeds
    • What is the typical local and international download speeds for Fibre Broadband?

      The following chart is based on more than 600 measured readings for each Fibre Broadband plan across peak and off-peak hours. It is validated in January, February and March 2017.

      Peak hours are generally from 7pm - 1am, while off-peak hours are generally from 1am - 7pm.

      Fibre Broadband Plan
      Typical Local Download Speed for Wired Connection*
      Typical International Download Speed for Wired Connection*
        300Mbps 280.22Mbps – 335.01Mbps 202.13Mbps – 347.03Mbps  
        500Mbps 430.33Mbps – 566.87Mbps 351.21Mbps – 465.63Mbps  
        1Gbps / Unlimited Fibre Plan 800.01Mbps – 908.00Mbps 750.34Mbps – 883.87Mbps  

      *The typical download speed range is computed to reflect that at least 90% of the time, a user should experience the lower bound speed or higher.

    • Why am I not getting the published download speeds?

      There are several factors that can affect your download speed:

      • Hardware Specification of Your Computer
        • Customers subscribing to 100Mbps and above plans will need a computer with the following minimum requirements:

          Windows User
          Mac User
            Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or above Mac OS X  
            Intel Core i3 Processor or above  
            4GB Ram  
            Cat 5e Ethernet Port  
            Built-in Gigabit Ethernet Port  
            Base-T Network Interface Card preferred (1000 Base-T Network Interface Card is recommended to achieve full bandwidth)  
      • Applications Running on Your Computer
        • Applications that involve background downloading activities can slow down your speed.
        • Security software such as anti-virus and firewall can interrupt network traffic for security inspection and cause slowness in speed.
      • Bandwidth Shared by Multiple Computers/Devices
        • If there are multiple computers/devices concurrently connected and using the bandwidth of your network, it can cause slowness in speed.
      • Heavy Traffic at the Website/Application You are Visiting
        • If the number of concurrent visitors overwhelms the capacity of the destination server or if the destination server is hosted behind a less efficient internet service provider, you can experience slow speed at such situation.
      • Using a Wireless connection instead of a Wired connection
        • Wireless connections will not be able to enjoy the full broadband bandwidth that is possible on a wired connection.

          This is because Wireless connections are subject to environmental factors within the home that include but are not limited to: Brick walls, Concrete flooring, Steel plate reinforced flooring, Thick structural wall, pillar (all with steel reinforcements), Filled fish tank, TV, Hi-fi, Mirror, CPU Casing.

          WiFi speed also depends on the extent of WiFi channel congestion, which tends to be congested during peak usage time, especially if you stay in dense residential units.

      For more information on hardware tips and recommendations on optimizing your connection speed, please visit Fibre Broadband Tips.

    • How can I test the download speed of my Fibre Broadband?

      You can test the speed performance of your Fibre Broadband at the following:

    • How did Singtel measure the typical speeds listed?

      The broadband download speeds were computed based on the transfer of files between the end-user points and the speed test servers where the speed is determined by the time taken to complete the file transfers.

      Two test clients located in Singapore (Ayer Rajah and Central) were used per plan, with local speed test servers located in Queenstown and Tampines, while international speed test servers were located in Alto Palo and Lose Angeles in the United States.

      The list of file sizes used for testing are as follows:

      Type of Connection
      No. of Streams
      File Size / Stream
      Test Duration
        TCP 20 - 100 8k - 128 KBytes 20 - 40 secs  

      The following was the end-user device used for the speed test:

      Manufacturer and Model
      Installed Memory (RAM)
      System Type
      Network Interface Card
        Dell Latitude E7250 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5600U CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59GHz 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable) 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor 1000 Base-T  


  • Wireless@SG
    • How do I sign up for Wireless@SG?

      To sign up for Wireless@SG, Singtel mobile customers may dial *9434 (*WiFi) on your Singtel mobile line. Otherwise, you may submit an online registration form.

    • How to reset my Wireless@SG username or password?

      Singtel Mobile customers can call *WiFi (*9434) and reply to the SMS with 2 in order to reset your passwords. SingNet customers can call 1688 for further assistance.

    • How do I connect to Wireless@SG?
      1. At the hotspot, enable your wireless networking and select "Wireless@SG" from the list of available networks.
      2. Launch your Internet browser.
      3. A login page will appear to prompt for your SingNet or Singtel Mobile User ID and Password.
        For SingNet Customers
        - Type in your SingNet Dial-up / BroadBand User ID, followed by @singnet and your corresponding password.

        For Singtel Mobile Customers
        - Your login ID is your mobile phone number, followed by @stm For eg, 91234567@stm
        - Your password is your IDEAS password or the password you received via 9434 (WiFi)
        - Click here to find out more on how to sign up for this service.

      4. Upon successful authentication, the webpage of the requested URL will appear and you will be connected to the Internet. (Note: For corporate users, it is recommended to use your Company's Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing corporate information and data at the wireless hotspots for added security.)
      5. To end your Internet session, type "logout." at the URL bar.
    • Where are the Wireless@SG hotspots at?

      The hotspots include cafes like Starbucks, Delifrance, Spinneli, DOME, Gelare café; restaurants like Burger King, Ichiban Boshi and Fiesta; public libraries, country clubs, community centres, shopping malls like Ngee Ann City, Paragon and Raffles City.

      See full list of Wireless@SG hotspots.


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