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Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

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Technical Help

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  • Accounts & Appointments
    • How do I check my scheduled installation timing?

      You can check in a few different ways:

      • Via My Account at
      • Call 1688 and speak with a call agent.
    • What do I do if I missed my installation appointment?

      If you have missed your installation appointment, you can make another by:

      • My Account at
      • Calling 1688 to speak with a call agent.
    • How do I purchase Video on Demand on Singtel TV?

      Video on Demand (VOD) can easily be accessed via the Singtel TV (previously known as mio TV) Remote Control. Visit Channels & On Demand: Video on Demand for available programmes.

      If you wish to buy a channel that is not part of your existing package, you may be required to sign up for a different plan. Call 1609 to speak with our call agent.

    • How do I change my home digital line number?

      To change the number of your home digital line, you can visit any Singtel Shop, or call 1688 to speak with a call agent.

    • What happens if I upgrade/downgrade within the same or between different speeds?

      If you are not obligated to complete any contractual period in your Singtel Fibre BroadBand plans, you may change to any other plans currently offered by Singtel Fibre BroadBand. Change of plans is subject to the terms and conditions of the Singtel Fibre BroadBand promotions you have signed up for.

    • How can I check whether I’m eligible to recontract my Fibre Entertainment Bundle+?

      You can check when you will be able to recontract using My Account. Simply select ‘Show details’ for the broadband service on the Account Summary page.

      Please note that you will not be able to recontract the items in the bundle separately.

    • I am going overseas for a few months. Can I temporarily suspend my home line?

      To suspend your line temporarily, you may:

      • Walk in to any of our Customer Service Counters
      • Fax your request to 6796 1767 (Residential)

      Your monthly telephone service and any value-added services subscriptions will continue while your line is temporarily suspended.

  • Calling Overseas
    • How do I make an overseas call from Singapore?

      To make an overseas call from Singapore, you may use one of Singtel’s international calling services. These calling services are available at your convenience and do not require a subscription.

      You must have Singtel IDD access activated to use these calling services:

      • If you are applying for your Singtel mobile or fixed line, call 1688
      • If you are applying for your StarHub or M1 line, call 104

      Once you have Singtel IDD access activated, you may use the following international calling services:

      • v019
        Lets you stay connected all day long in more than 240 destination worldwide at attractive low rates. This service is available at any time without a subscription. Mio Plan and mio Home customers get to enjoy additional 15% off prevailing rates.

        To use, simply dial:
        019<country code><area code><telephone number>

      • IDD 001
        A premium service offering the fastest and most direct connection to over 240 destinations worldwide, giving you high call quality at reasonable rates.

        To use, simply dial:
        001<country code><area code><telephone number>

  • Wireless@SG
    • How do I sign up for Wireless@SG?

      To sign up for Wireless@SG, Singtel mobile customers may dial *9434 (*WiFi) on your Singtel mobile line. Otherwise, you may submit an online registration form.

    • How do I connect to Wireless@SG?

      You can check in a few different ways:

      1. At the hotspot, enable your wireless networking and select "Wireless@SG" from the list of available networks.
      2. Launch your Internet browser.
      3. A login page will appear to prompt for your SingNet or Singtel Mobile User ID and Password.

        For SingNet Customers

        • Type in your SingNet Dial-up / BroadBand User ID, followed by @singnet and your corresponding password.

        For Singtel Mobile Customers

        • Your login ID is your mobile phone number, followed by @stm For eg, 91234567@stm
        • Your password is your IDEAS password or the password you received via 9434 (WiFi)
        • Click here to find out more on how to sign up for this service.
      4. Upon successful authentication, the webpage of the requested URL will appear and you will be connected to the Internet. (Note: For corporate users, it is recommended to use your Company's Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing corporate information and data at the wireless hotspots for added security.)
      5. To end your Internet session, type "logout." at the URL bar.
    • Where are the Wireless@SG hotspots at?

      The hotspots include cafes like Starbucks, Delifrance, Spinneli, DOME, Gelare café; restaurants like Burger King, Ichiban Boshi and Fiesta; public libraries, country clubs, community centres, shopping malls like Ngee Ann City, Paragon and Raffles City.

      See full list of Wireless@SG hotspots.

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