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Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

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  • mWallet
    • How do I use Singtel mWallet?

      If you have an NFC-certified phone and an NFC SIM, you can tap your phone and pay at over 30,000 NFC payment-enabled merchants in Singapore. This technology is called NFC (near-field communication) and allows you to use your DBS One.Tap MasterCard PayPass and EZ-Link card to make contactless payments. You can see which phones are NFC certified in Singapore under Supported Handsets of the mWallet page.

      If you do not have an NFC-certified phone and/or NFC SIM, you can still perform contactless transactions with mCash, such as:

      • Remit money overseas with Singtel mRemit
      • Top-up any active Singtel prepaid mobile number
      • Buy any gaming credits from GX Credits.
    • How do I change the PIN of my mWallet?

      Tap the money clip on the top right side of your wallet and select "Settings", followed by “Change PIN code”. You will be prompted to enter the current PIN once and then enter the new PIN twice before it can be changed

    • I have forgotten my PIN.

      Please perform a PIN reset via the “Forgotten your PIN number?” option.

    • What should I do if I lose my phone?

      Please contact the respective Payment Service Provider(s) immediately to suspend/terminate your Payment Product/Service to prevent any unauthorised usage or transactions.

      You must also contact Singtel by calling 1688 (+65 6235 1688 if overseas) and speaking to our call agents to:

      • Report the loss of your phone and suspend your mCash account, and
      • Arrange for a replacement of your Singtel NFC SIM Card. SIM card charges apply.
    • Who do I call for help for problems with Singtel mWallet?

      If your problem is pertaining to:

      • DBS One.Tap MasterCard® -related enquiries (including transactions such as disputes and refunds), please contact DBS Hotline at 1800 111 1111.
      • NFC EZ-Link purse related enquiries (including transactions such as top-up and refunds), please contact EZ-Link Customer Service Hotline at 6496 8300, Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm excluding public holidays.
      • Handset and SIM card related enquiries (including lost handsets & SIM) or to reset your Singtel mWallet Passcode, please contact Singtel Customer Service Hotline at 1688, Monday to Sunday, including Public Holidays: 8am to 12midnight.
    • Why do I not see any stored value inside the EZ-Link purse when I first get the NFC SIM?

      For security reasons, the $5 preload value is not stored in the NFC SIM. You will need to update the value using Singtel mWallet.

      Singtel mWallet App

      1. Make sure the Singtel NFC SIM Card is inserted into a Singtel supported NFC handset.
      2. Tap on “Google Play”, previously known as “Android Market”.
      3. Search for “Singtel mWallet” and download the App.
      4. Launch the App.
      5. Select the “money clip” on the top right corner.
      6. Select Cards -> Tap on the ezlink card > click on the “update” button to activate the $5 Preload Value in your NFC ez-link purse.

  • mCash
    • Can I still use my mCash if I change my mobile number?

      If you would still like to use your existing mCash account, please go to our SingCash shop at Lucky Plaza to update your mobile phone number. Otherwise your account may be suspended.

    • How do I change my mCash PIN?

      There are various methods to change your PIN:

      • Via mWallet App
        You can set your PIN number when you register for on your mWallet app.
      • Via SMS
        Send ‘mcash’ to 77766. Select “PIN Change”. You will receive an IVR call, prompting you to key in your new PIN.
      • Via mWallet
        Tap the bottom bar of the app to pull out other self-help features. Select “Change PIN code”.
    • I have forgotten my PIN. How do I reset my PIN?

      There are various methods to change your PIN:

      • Via mWallet App
        Reset your PIN via the ‘Forgotten your PIN number’.
      • Call 1688
        Speak to our call agent to reset the PIN.

      For security purposes, you will only be able to reset your PIN by yourself.

    • I suspect my PIN has been tampered with. What should I do?

      Please change your PIN immediately by resetting your PIN through your mWallet app. You should also check your transaction history for any unauthorized transactions.

  • mRemit
    • I’ve changed my mobile number. Can I still continue remitting?

      Please visit our flagship store at Lucky Plaza #01-26/27 to update your details. If you do not update your details, you may not be able to perform mobile remittance and your mCash may be suspended.

    • Where can I remit to?

      You can now remit to the Philippines and Indonesia. Other countries will be added soon. You may find out more at

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