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Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

Ask me your question about Consumer mobile, broadband, TV and billing.

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  • Requests, Appointment & Charges
    • I am relocating to a new address. How do I inform Singtel?

      You may inform Singtel by:

    • What are the charges to do a relocation of services?

      If you have a Home Telephone Line only:

      Type of Charges Charges
      Normal $32.10 per telephone line
      Express $48.15 per telephone line
      Super Express $64.20 per telephone line
      Onsite Charge $53.50
      Wiring of Telephone Socket $53.50 per socket
      Activation of Socket $53.50 for 1st socket
      $21.40 for subsequent sockets

      If you are not using Fibre:

      Type of Charges Charges
      Admin Charge
      (Not applicable for mio Home and mio Plan Bundle)
      Installation Charge
      (Applicable for Broadband, Home Digital Line, mio Home and mio Plan)
      $65 (weekday)
      $145 (weekend)
      Onsite Charge for standalone mio TV on ADSL $90 (weekday/weekend)
      Wiring of Telephone Socket $53.50 per socket
      Activation of Socket $53.50 for 1st socket
      $21.40 for subsequent sockets
      Change of Appointment Charge
      (2 working days before Appointment)
      Change of Appointment Charge
      (On Appointment Day)
      $90 for standalone Singtel TV on ADSL

      If you are using Fibre:

      Type of Charges Charges
      Installation Charge $90 (weekday)
      $145 (weekend)
      Installation Charge
      (Applicable for standalone Singtel TV on Fibre)
      $90 (weekday)
      $140 (weekend)
      Change of Appointment Charge $80.25
      Activation of Socket $53.50 for 1st socket
      $21.40 for subsequent sockets
      Installation of FTP $220 (High-Rise)
      $450 (Landed)
      Repair/Relocation/Replacement of FTP $220 (High-Rise)
      $450 (Landed)
    • How many days in advance should I inform Singtel to relocate my services to a new address?

      Do submit your relocation request as early as possible (2 - 3 weeks in advance) as our appointment slots are subjected to availability.

    • What should I do if I want to change my relocation date/appointment?

      You may inform Singtel at least 3 working days before your appointment by:

      • Submitting a Relocation Request via My Account (Select 'My Appointment' under 'Account Activities)
      • Walking in to any Singtel Shop
      • Calling 1688, (Relocation Hotline Operation Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm)

      Charges to change appointment will apply if you call us 2 days before the appointment or on the appointment day itself.

    • I am shifting to a condominium. Can I arrange for an appointment in the evening?

      Condominium Managements only allow appointments until 5PM. Thus the latest appointment we can arrange for you is between 3:30-5PM on from Mondays to Saturdays. Appointments are not available on Sundays and Public Holidays.

    • I am moving house and I need to relocate my services. But the account is under a different person’s name (spouse, other family member, friend). What should I do?

      In order to protect the customer’s account, we need to verify the request with the registered customer through phone before proceeding to process the relocation. You may provide us with a  contact number that we can use to contact the registered customer for confirmation. Alternatively, you may ask the registered customer to call Singtel at a timing convenient for them to confirm the request.

    • I am relocating to a new address which is a business location. What should I do?

      Residential services cannot be relocated to a business address. If you still wish to proceed, you will need to apply for new services under business rates. Once your business services have been processed, Singtel will cease your residential services and waive off any early termination charges.

      In the case where the address is both residential and business, you will need to furnish supporting documents to prove that the subscribed services will be used for residential purposes.

      In addition, if you are using Fibre service, NetLink Trust needs to perform a re-classification of your address from Business to Residential. This may take up at least 10 working days. A site survey from an NetLink Trust officer may be conducted as well.

    • Is it necessary for your Installer to enter my new premises when I relocate my services?

      Yes, our installer will need to enter your premise as they will need to configure a new Optical Network Terminal/Optical Network Router for your new address.

      Charges for the installation service will apply.

    • What equipment should I bring to my new address for relocation appointment?

      Please bring along the following equipment(s):

      • Router/ Residential Gateway/ Optical Network Terminal (ONT)/ Optical Network Router (ONR)
      • Singtel TV equipment, if any (e.g. Power Adaptor, Set Top Box, Remote Control)
      • Cables (e.g. Cat5E, HDMI, RJ45)

      You may also prepare a TV set, computer/laptop for testing during the installation.

  • Home Line Related
    • I am currently using Singtel Home Digital Line and have loopback services at my current address. What will happen to my loopback services upon relocation?

      Singtel will only relocate the main line. You may contact a 3rd-party contractor to set-up the loopback service. Loopback charges will be advised and charged separately by the contractor. Alternatively, you may purchase a DECT Phone at any Singtel Shop.

    • Can I retain my existing telephone number when I relocate?

      Yes, you can retain you existing telephone number under any of the following circumstances:

      • You are using Singtel Home Digital Line.
      • You are currently subscribed to Number Retention Service
      • Your current telephone line exchange and switch are the same with your new address.

      If you are not under the above scenarios, you can still retain your existing telephone if you do any of the following:

      • Sign up for Number Retention Service
        • Applicable Charges: $10.70 with GST (one-time charge) and $8.56 monthly or $25.68 quarterly with GST (subscription charge)
      • Convert to Singtel Home Digital Line. Applicable charges apply.
      • Visit any Singtel Shop or call 1688 to make a conversion request.
    • I am shifting to a new place but I want my existing telephone line to stay at my current address. Can I do so?

      Yes, your existing telephone line may be retained at your old address as a standalone telephone service. However, separate subscription charges will apply:

      • $29.43 (with GST) quarterly for Singtel Telephone Line (analogue)
      • $9.81 (with GST) monthly for Singtel Home Digital Line (previously known as mio Voice)

      We will also provide you with a new telephone number at your new address and similar charges (as above) will apply.

  • Fibre Broadband Related
    • I am currently using Fibre and I am relocating to a new place which has no Fibre Coverage. What will happen?

      Singtel will downgrade your Fibre plan to ADSL services without any penalty and no changes will be made to the duration of your current contract. You will need to sign-up for existing ADSL plans. If you are mio TV subscriber, there may be changes to your content packs subscription rate and the set-top box (STB) rental.

      Once Fibre coverage is enabled at your new place, you may convert back to Fibre by signing up for one of the existing Fibre plans. Your mio TV content pack subscription will remain unchanged

      If you convert back within 1 month, you will continue with your old contract. If you convert back after 1 month, your contract will restart for another 24 months

    • I currently have Fibre and is relocating to a new place which has Fibre coverage. What should I do if I need help to relocate/replace/repair the Fibre Terminal Point (FTP) inside my house?

      You may contact Singtel, we will book an appointment with NetLink Trust on your behalf if installation or replacement of FTP is required.

      NetLink Trust charges will apply for the following premises:

      • $235.40 (with GST) for High Rise
      • $481.50 (with GST) for Landed

      The NetLink Trust appointment will be booked at least 3 working days before your relocation appointment. Charges will apply for any changes or cancellation made to the appointment.

  • Home Broadband (ADSL) Related
    • Can I keep my ADSL services upon relocating to a newly developed building?

      You will not be able to keep your ADSL services upon relocation if your new house only serves fibre-based services.

    • I want to relocate to a new address and your officer has informed me that my new address “does not have enough resources”. What does this mean?

      All available resources have been used-up or resources may not be ready yet at your new address. Singtel Engineers need to top-up the resources. This may take-up at least 11 working days from the time of your call. Once resources are available, Singtel will call you to confirm the appointment for your relocation.

    • I am an ADSL customer and want to migrate to any of the Fibre bundles and relocate at the same time. What is the procedure?

      Our officers will check the Fibre coverage in your new address and advise on the fibre plans and charges. If you will like to proceed, we will process your migration to a Fibre bundle at your new address.

  • Others
    • Can I still use my services at the old address on the day of my relocation appointment?

      Your services at the old address will be cut-off at 12:01AM on the day of relocation appointment.

    • What time will my services work at the new address?

      If you have arranged for an installation appointment, your services will work upon successful installation. For activation of home line and/or internet services, you may test them after 6PM.

    • I am moving to a landed property and have engaged a contractor/builder to do some works. Will this affect my relocation?

      It is recommended that you call Singtel at 1688 2 months before relocating to your new premise to ensure that your services will not be disrupted. If the renovation had affected the Singtel cabling infrastructure in your new premise, we may need more time than usual to relocate your services.

      A Singtel Officer will contact you within 3 working days to arrange for a site survey at your new premise. During the site survey, an external party appointed by Singtel will go to your premises to determine the following:

      • Any replacement required for Singtel Distribution Point and cable?
      • Is there a new meter compartment and where is it located?
      • Is there any lead-in pipe provided inside the meter compartment?

      If additional work is required for the relocation, our engineers will estimate the charges and send you a quotation. Charges will be borne by the customer and the charges have to be paid before Singtel engineers can proceed with the job.

      Visit Cable Installation Outside Your Home – Landed Property Owners for more information.

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