Singtel's Billing Terms & Conditions

1. Application of these Billing Terms and Conditions
1.1 These Billing Terms and Conditions form part of the Customer Agreement between the Customer (“you”) and the Service Provider.
2. Interpretation
2.1 Words and expressions defined in the Customer Agreement that are not defined in these Billing Terms and Conditions shall have the same meanings as defined in the Customer Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires. References in these Billing Terms and Conditions to “$” are to Singapore dollars.
3. eBill
3.1 If you are a residential customer, you may apply for eBill through the eBill website at Upon the acceptance of your application by the Service Provider and from such date as the Service Provider may specify, the Service Provider shall, until such time as notified by the Service Provider, cease despatch of Bills to you and make available, your Bills through the eBill website.
3.2 If you have not activated eBill or if you de-activate eBill, the Service Provider shall despatch Bills to you by post or delivery in accordance with the Customer Agreement. If you request for despatch of Bills, while your eBill is in activation, a charge of $0.54 (GST incl.) will apply for each Bill despatched to you.
4. Other Charges
4.1 If you do not pay in full by the due date, the Service Provider may send you a reminder by post to settle the overdue amount. A charge of $0.54 (GST incl.) per reminder will apply.
4.2 If the overdue amount is still not paid, a final reminder may be sent by post. A late payment fee of $5.35 (GST incl.) for residential customers or $21.40 (GST incl.) for business customers will be levied for each final reminder sent.
4.3 If an amount from a previous bill is overdue, the Service Provider may disconnect your Services. If you request for a reconnection, the Service Provider may charge a reconnection fee of $21.40 (GST incl.) for each line or circuit reconnected, or such other amount as may be specified by the Service Provider under the Customer Agreement. Subscription fees will continue in effect during the period of disconnection until the Services are terminated in accordance with the Customer Agreement by either you or the Service Provider. Once Services are disconnected, it may take more than 24 hours after the overdue amounts have been paid for the Service Provider to reconnect the Services.
5. Interim Bill
5.1 The Service Provider may issue an interim bill if it considers the traffic charges are exceptionally high.
6. Low Value Bill
6.1 Except as stated otherwise in this clause, the Service Provider will not send you a monthly bill for charges of less than $10, unless there is a payment or an adjustment (excluding non recurring charges) to a previous bill. If you pay your bills under an electronic direct debit authorization (eg; GIRO), then the Service Provider will not use that authorization to deduct an amount of less than $1. All such amounts will instead be carried forward to your next bill or direct debit deduction (as applicable). If the accumulated unbilled amount remains at less than $10 for three months, then the Service Provider may (as applicable) bill you for, or make a direct debit deduction of, the accumulated unbilled amount in that third month, or in a subsequent month. If all Services billed to you under a single billing account reference are terminated, then the Service Provider will send you a final bill or make a final direct debit deduction, regardless of the amount.
6.2 Should you prefer to settle even low value bills each month, then you may request the Service Provider to send you a monthly bill, or make a monthly direct debit deduction, for amounts of $0.01 and above. Please call 1688 (if you are a residential customer) or 1606 (if you are a business customer) to request this.
7. Assignment of Billing and Collection Rights
7.1 The following entities including Third Party Providers have assigned certain billing and collection functions to Singtel:
  • Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd (CRD 201012456C, GST Reg. No. MR-8500432-2)
  • SingNet Pte Ltd (CRN199802130W, GST Reg. No.19-9802130-W)
  • Telecom Equipment Pte Ltd (CRN 198904636G, GST Reg. No. M2-0089417-X)
  • NCS Communications Engineering Pte Ltd (CRN 199603123G, GST Reg. No.M2-8923655-4)
  • Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd (CRN 199406031E, GST Reg. No. MR-8500432-2)
  • Singapore Telecom Paging Pte Ltd (CRN 199406032R, GST Reg. No. MR-8500432-2)
7.2 You shall pay Singtel any amount that Singtel bills to you on their behalf.
8. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
8.1 GST is calculated using the rate applicable for the date or period of the charge. The GST rate used for discounts and rebates is based on the GST rate applied to the original charge.
8.2 More information about GST is available at Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore website

Posted 23 November 2007
Effective 1 December 2007

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